Far Cry 6 – How To Gain Boom Boom (Stealth Amigo) As An Amigo Companion Guide

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When you arrive at the main Operation Story Mission, Juan of a Kind, you will unlock the ability to use Amigos. Which are basically fighting companions.

Each Amigo comes with their own unique abilities and strengths. There is a total of 5 Amigo companions (7 if you include the exclusive Amigos) that you can recruit during the game. One of which is Boom Boom, the shaggy dog.

In order to recruit Boom Boom as an Amigo you will need to of completed the Operation Mission, Meet The Monteros. Basically opened up the rest of the map

  • From there you will then need to complete the Boom or Bust Yaran Story Mission
  • After completing that mission Boom Boom will then become one of the Amigo companions.
  • You can then order Boom Boom to follow you and attack enemies using the directional pad (Playstation)


  • Fetch, Boy
  • The first trick every pup learns in Montana: retrieving resources from dead enemies’ bodies
  • Pointer – Tap into your fuzzy friend’s animal instincts; mark the locations of enemy troops and animals to plan a sneak attack
  • Expert Tracker – A life of tracking gives Boom Boom an extra edge, allowing him to tag targets from further away and help you plan better for stealth
  • Thick Coat – This rough and tumble boy can withstand more damage with his thicker seasonal coat. Good luck washing him, though.


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