Far Cry 6 – Justicia Montero (Main Story Mission) Walkthrough

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Justicia Montero is one of the many main story chapters, also known as Operation Missions.

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • NEXT MISSION: Meet Maximas Matanzas
  • REWARDS: 150 Guerrilla Experience, 1946 Adjudicor LA-240 NPLM, Montero Justicia Trophy Achievement
  • LOCATION: Montero Farm
  • QUEST GIVER: Espada
  • GUIDE:


  • Oh boy back into the plane, I still cannot, for the life of me, pilot one of these things properly..
  • Anyway hop into the plane, which just so happens to now be waiting for us, and then head to the destination on the map
  • When you get close enough to the tobacco fields, you will want to hit the Circle Button (Playstation) and release one of the bombs in order to destroy the field. You will need to hit all 8 targets
  • Soon enough, after trying to at least attempt to pilot the plane and admiring the breathtaking scenery, enemies may come and ruin your fun. If you happen to loose the plane, then just continue to destroy the fields using whatever weapons you have in your arsenal
  • Once you are done taking out the tobacco valley, you will now need to head to the Bustamante Farm and repeat the process


  • After taking out all 8 tobacco field targets it will be time to confront Jose Castillo
  • Head north east to FDA Airbase Olimpia, chances are as you make your way there enemies will be still after you. I was on Wanted status for a good period of time, thankfully I managed to steal a tank which made things much easier.
  • When you arrive at the airbase, there will be several allied personnel and you can find Jose Castillo on the watchtower.
  • Ignore the small-fry enemies and head straight to the watchtower. You can get there using the stairs.


  • All of a sudden this feels like a game of Metal Gear Solid 2
  • Anyway we will now need to defeat Jose Castillo, who will, of course, be in a helicopter.
  • Feel free to use a Supremo for this fight, the Triador Supremo is actually quite useful as it allows you to slow down time and aim directly at the pilot, who, in this case, is Jose Castillo. You can also use the Volta Supremo, which can disable vehicles such as helicopters. However, it is only temporary and is not as effective against boss fights as it is regular enemies


Today, we get Jose Castillo and retake our homes.

You, me, and the rest of the guerrillas are going to attack the airbase and take out Jose Castillo once and for all. The West will be ours again


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