Far Cry 6 – Pecking Orders (Yaran Story) Guide

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Pecking Orders is one of the available Yaran story quests.

It requires you to destroy the army’s files

  • YARAN STORY MISSION: Pecking Orders
  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Man’s Best Enemy
  • NEXT MISSION: Wingman
  • LOCATION: Vacia Coast – Sierra Perdida
  • REWARDS: 100 Guerrilla Experience
  • QUEST GIVER: Reinaldo Alvarez
  • GUIDE:
  • This Yaran Story Mission becomes available after completing Man’s Best Enemy


  • The first part of this mission has us following Chicharron, who apparently hates dogs, pots, and bananas and will prove it by dismantling products at the various stalls that we come across
  • Anyway after a while we will confront some enemy soldiers, though after what we just witnessed I’m not sure who the enemy is here any more. Regardless, we need to protect Chicharron
  • When you arrive at the Vacia Coast Military Archives building you will want to destroy the little white boxes that can be found on the shelves
  • NOTE: If Chicharron does happen to take enough damage, you can revive it. Doing so will avoid any potential Game Over screens
  • NOTE: If Chicharron happens to get stuck by the doorway at the Vacia Coast Military Archives building, then just try to push it. You can use an Amigo to help if you want. I had it stuck at the door at least twice.


  • After successfully destroying the boxes, we now need to destroy the banner, which is on the rooftop
  • Use the ladders by the side of the building to reach the banner
  • Then once you have reached the top, head to the helipad and use the grapple option to climb even higher and complete the mission


Help Chicharron destroy the army’s files

The regime has sensitive files and intel on the guerillas. Chicharron is not happy with this. You should not be happy with this.


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