Far Cry 6 – Spur Of The Moment (Yaran Story) Guide

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Spur Of The Moment is one of the available Yaran story quests.

It requires you to retrieve the stolen spurs

  • YARAN STORY MISSION: Spur Of The Moment
  • NEXT MISSION: Over Easy
  • LOCATION: Montero Farm
  • REWARDS: 100 Guerrilla Experience
  • RANK: Rank 5
  • QUEST GIVER: Elvis Carballo
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing Fetch Quest, this one will now become available.
  • Simply head to Montero Farm and more specifically to the cockfight area, in order to find and speak to Elvis Carballo
  • Seems that Elivs is convinced that a man named Ramon cheated during the last cockfight, and now Elvis wants his spurs back.
  • Head to Cobre Shores – Aguas Lindas, north of the map.
  • Here you are looking for a bunker, as our main objective is to head underground
  • Head through the door and soon enough you will come across the body of Ramon. Collect the Bunker Keycard next to him and proceed through the door
  • Continue heading down until you reach a dead end. There are many collectible materials as you continue on, so be sure to pick them up as you go. It is best to collect it all now as you probably wont be able to in a few minutes
  • Once you reach the dead end you will be attacked by a giant Rooster (El Pollo Loco), defeat it and you will obtain the Gordito’s Spurs
  • Unfortunately defeating that one has triggered an infinite wave of Roosters, ignore the birds and just get out of there.
  • Return back to Elvis Carballo in Montero Farm


Gordito isn’t safe! Get those spurs back from Ramon.

The hijo de puta Ramon rigged the cockfight and stole Gordito’s spurs. Find Ramon and get those spurs back


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