Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Bride From Black Water) Part 1 Guide

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Final Drop – Bride From Black Water chapter (Part 1 Guide)

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • As soon as the chapter begins you can find a file by the boxes to the left (Yuri’s Notebook 4). Leave the room.
  • Now if we head to Hisoka’s room we can find some more files (Hisoka’s Journal 6). We can also get a brief scene if we go ahead and check on the sleeping Hisoka.
  • If you notice when you point your camera at your sleeping companions, it somehow seems to react. With this in mind, make sure to take a photo of everyone. Including Hisoka, then head to the Secondary Storeroom and take a photo of both Miu and Miku too. It might not do anything but it is interesting.
  • Now head to the Office and check on Rui for another brief scene. Then when you are ready, head to the Store room.
  • Inside the Store room there will be a file sitting on the bar table (The Shadowspring Tale). Leave the building and head to the Mikomori Hot Springs
  • Now try to cross the bridge and we will get a ghost sighting (Bride Beckoning). Then continue up the path to where the ghost was stood.
  • We will now be at the Pool of Purification, continue on as normal until you reach the waterfall. Here look up to catch the ghost (Woman who Leaps Down) (Maiden who Glances)
  • These ghosts will then appear behind you. After you have settled things, there will be a Herbal Medicine nearby in case you need it
  • Now head to the Pool of Purification, grabbing a Purifying Ember along the way. There will be many ghosts here, so deal with them and then collect the Bloodstained Note 3
  • Make your way to the Unfathomable Forest, there will be another ghost sighting in the usual spot (Bride in the Woods – Shrine of Dolls Path)
  • Head right from here and under the fallen tree, there will be another ghost sighting further into the wooded area (Maiden who Glances) (Maiden who was Hanged)
  • Before we leave there will be a Herbal Medicine at the SE – Bewildering Wood and a Type-14 Film at SE – Confusing Path. Head to the Pure Water Bridge for a Purifying Ember
  • In order to continue the story head to the NE – Clinging Mire and we will get another ghost sighting (Note: When the scene comes to an end be sure to touch their soul in order to unlock a glance scene)
  • Cross the Pure Water Bridge towards the doll shrine, then to the left there will be a file (Water-design Journal 5). You can also find a Sacred Water at the SW-Shortcut to River, there is also a Purifying Ember at the SW-Backroad to Pit
  • There will be a ghost sighting over at the NW-Fallen Tree Path (Woman with an Umbrella) and a Type-61 Film. When you have managed to take a photo of the Woman with an Umbrella, be sure to touch the grave in order to unlock her glance scene
  • Now we need to head inside the doll shrine so backtrack and make your way there, say hello to Kyozo for me as you do so hehe.
  • Inside the doll shrine make your way to the Underground Path – S in order to replenish on items such as Mirrorstone, Type-00 Film, and Sacred Water.
  • Make your way to the Rear Garden Veranda in order to meet the ghost kids once again. After the ghost fight, go ahead and pick up the Herbal Medicine and head to the Path of the Ephemeral
  • Here, before heading up to the shrine, you can get a Herbal Medicine and Type-00 Film. Head to the shrine, there will be a ghost sighting by the door (Bride Waving to the Gate). Head on inside the shrine and collect the Water-design Journal 6

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