Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Bride From Black Water) Part 2 Guide

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This specific guide is a complete walkthrough of Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden of Black Water. Which in this page will take you through the Final Drop – Bride from Black Water chapter (Part 2 Guide)

We will be aiming for 100%, meaning we will be attempting to collect the various different files and ghosts. Doing so will reward us with the Record Reaper and Second Sight

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  • After the scene try to leave the building and we will end up at the Hojo Residence – Study.
  • Examine the shelf to get the Bundle of White Hair and Book Next to the Hair. There will be another file on the sofa (Rui’s Journal 7)
  • Leave the study and lets go to the Mikomori Hot Springs.
  • Once we arrive at the Mikomori Hot Springs there will be a scene on the bridge. Take a photo of the invisible ghost on the other side of the bridge, this is actually a psychic photograph.
  • After the scene there will now be a file where the ghost vision was stood (Dr. Aso’s Records 2)
  • Head up the hill and continue to make your way to the Purifying Path, grabbing a Herbal Medicine along the way.
  • Here there will be another psychic photograph opportunity, this time the ghost vision is standing below you, in the Purification Pool.
  • Grab the Purifying Embers and then head down to the Purification Pool.
  • Here there will be a file on the right (Dr. Aso’s Records 3). Make your way to the Unfathomable Forest.
  • Feel free to explore the Clinging Mire for Film and Herbal Medicine, you can also find additional supplies at the SW – Riverside Path and Lantern Path.
  • However, for the purpose of this guide we need to head to the doll shrine. Here there will be another scene and psychic photograph opportunity. This time take a photo of the dolls on the stairs.
  • Pick up the file that has now been left behind (Dr. Aso’s Records 4)
  • Head inside the shrine and then head through the door on the right (Returning Hallway). The ghost here will drop a file (Shiragiku’s Journal 2)
  • Make your way to the Rear Garden Veranda and Shiragiku will drop another file (Shiragiku’s Journal 3)
  • After picking up the file, there will be a ghost sighting that we can photograph (Kunihiko Aso Walking along the Path)
  • When you are ready make your way to the Path of the Ephemeral
  • Near the shrine entrance there will be another ghost sighting of Kunihiko Aso, to the right (Kunihiko Aso Walking in the Forest)
  • Follow Kunihiko Aso to the Forbidden Valley.
  • When you reach the Blank Tombs – Front path, there will be another tracer photo chance of Kunihiko Aso (Kunihiko Aso in the Forbidden Valley). This is a rather brief confrontation so be ready.
  • Now head to the Cherry Blossom Plateau for a psychic photograph. The image we want this time can be found in the tree, you may need to move around in order to get the shot as it can be quite tricky to spot.
  • Eliminate the ghost and then pick up the file by the tree (Dr. Aso’s Records 6)
  • Head to Twilit Peak and then make your way to the Rear Shrine of Dolls and take a psychic photograph of the building. As usual so far, a file can then be found on the floor (Dr. Aso’s Records 5)
  • Behind the shrine there will be a Type-00 Film. You can also get the Herbal Medicine over at the Sacrificial Mound.
  • Head to the Lake of the Departed for another psychic photograph opportunity. Another file can then be found (Dr. Aso’s Records 7)
  • Return back to the Forbidden Valley and more specifically the House of Joining. We will now be back to playing as Yuri Kozukata at the Shrine on the Water.
  • Pick up the Type-90 Film and then continue on to find a Type-61 and Type-14 Film by the door.

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1 thought on “Fatal Frame / Project Zero – Maiden Of Black Water : 100% Walkthrough (Chapter – Bride From Black Water) Part 2 Guide

  1. Hi. Almost done! I actually managed to get the pushed woman glance from Yuri’s first portion on the Last Drop, since both ‘falling’ ghosts can be triggered to the west of the Doll Shrine.

    A note regarding getting Shigaruki to spawn on the Rear Garden Verandah, you need to witness two other ghost events with her after Returning Room. in the Flooded Sanctum and Hallway of Dolls. If use the underground path, or just go along the right side of the map she won’t trigger, but you can head back in and do them even after getting the Kunihiko Aso walking along the path photo.

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