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This one is another side quest that can be found during Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard. It requires you to find all of the kids who are on patrol and carry little wooden swords and thus can easily stand out from the other people around. These swords also happen to look just like Cloud’s Buster Sword too ha!

SIDE QUEST NAME: Kids on Patrol
ACTIVATED: Becomes available after the story segment
CHAPTER: Chapter 8 – Budding Bodyguard
REWARD: Nail Bat. A Verified Hero quest unlocked. 
REQUIREMENT: Look for the kids on patrol / Slay King Toad
LOCATION: Center District / Undeveloped Land

You will be tasked with having to find all 5 kids that will be wandering around the village, all of which have wooden swords on their backs to help spot them.
Once you find them all you will then need to return to Ms Folia. 

Another kid will then come running screaming that a monster by the name of King Toad has appeared. You will now be tasked with having to find this toad and defeat it.

You can find this King Toad just outside of town in an area known as the Undeveloped Land

The Toad King is just a different coloured Hedgehog Pie enemy that you have probably already come across before.

The Toad King otherwise known as Hedgehog Pie King is weak to Ice and only has a mere 7092 health.

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