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Valkyrie is a robotic flying boss that appears quite early in Chapter 15 – The Day Midgar Stood Still. However, you don’t actually get to fight it until the very end of the Chapter.

NAME: Valkyrie
CHAPTER: Chapter 15 – The Day Midgar Stood Still
WEAKNESS: Wind / Lightning
HP: 28373
DROPS: Cog Bangle

First of all make sure that Barret has a weapon equipped that is capable of reaching aerial enemies, otherwise you will likely struggle to cause much damage outside of Magic whilst it is air born.

Anyway I would recommend using Elemental with either Wind/Lightning to take advantage of it’s weaknesses. 

The Valkyrie will start off with minor damage attacks using it’s Mark 98 Canons. However, it can also use abilities to launch Artillery attacks such as Rockets which will be locked on to one of your team mates and once again cause damage once hit.
The first phase of the fight shouldn’t be too difficult, just keep an eye on your health and use Magic and Barret’s ranged attacks to then be able to move on.

During Phase 2 the Valkyrie will start to get even more dangerous using abilities such as, Antipersonnel Gas. The Antipersonnel Gas is an ability where the Valkyrie will start throwing out explosive bombs which will form puddles of purple goo on the floor, if you end up touching this goo then you will be temporarily stunned.

Firewheel is another move that you will want to watch out for, for this move the Valkyrie will start spinning around across the floor resulting in more damage if you are already stunned due to the Gas.

Finally there is also the Bombardment ability which is basically a more advanced version of it’s Mark 98 Cannons attack and will cause even more damage too.

As long as you keep attacking and taking advantage of it’s weakness to both Wind and Lightning you should be able to deal enough damage to get this fight over rather quickly.
If a party member gets stunned just try to keep them healed in case the Valkyrie decides to target them.

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