(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Low Score Golf (Under Par) Guide

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Playing golf is one of the many available mini-games that you can play and temporarily escape the horrors within the mall.

In order to find the golf mini-game you will need to travel to the Monty’s Gator Golf in the Level 1 lobby. From there use a Party Pass to get inside the actual golf course. Party Pass can be obtained through the Party Pass mission.

From there you will then be able to find the Monty’s Gator Golf arcade. Here there will be a total of 9 courses to go through and a score of 28 to beat. Beating the score of 28 will net you with the Under Par trophy achievement


  • There are many security bots inside Monty’s Golf, so you will need to be careful not to get caught.
  • You can find the Monty’s Gator Golf arcade near the entrance, it is just down the stairs and to the left.



  • CAMERA ANGLES – You can move the camera up, down, left, and right by moving the left analogue stick (Playstation controller)
  • ZOOM OUT – In order to zoom out you can press the L2 button
  • ZOOM IN – To zoom in you can use the R2 button
  • GOLF SWING – In order to actually perform a golf swing you can press and hold the Circle button and adjust the power by using either the forward or backwards button. Red will give you the least power and green will give you max power.


  • It really isn’t difficult to beat the score of 28 as long as you aim and manage to get the ball in the hole in as little attempts as possible. The more misses you perform the higher your score becomes, which means if you score over 28 you will need to redo the mini-game.
  • You do not need to score a hole in one on every course to be able to pull this off. For example after each course is complete you will be given a score card, this will represent both the score you need to beat and your current score. As long as your score is lower than that of the target score you should be okay.
  • An easy hole in one course to do though is the first course, here just make sure the power reaches the final yellow bar and you should be fine.


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