(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: Dumpster Diving Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the Dumpster Diving mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.



  • We are now down in the dumpster, hence Dumpster Diving, Chica looks to have seen better days. Anyway grab Chica’s Voice Box and the door by the save point will unlock. If this is your first time doing this we will now unlock the Speak No Evil trophy achievement. However, if you have been following this whole guide so far then we will also unlock the Shattered Dreams trophy achievement too
  • Head through the door and continue on, you will come across a locked gate and a button next to it. Remember this as we will be back in just a second.
  • During this segment of the game we are going to have to activate the various generators, this will awaken and alert Chica so be ready.
  • After activating the first generator immediately head for the locked gate we saw earlier and hit the button to unlock it. Chica will be chasing us and due to her now missing voice box will be unable to speak. (Chica Beak 1/3)
  • From the gate continue on but be careful as you will need to cross the wooden planks carefully and making sure you do not fall to the abyss below.
  • Use the flashlight recharge station and remember this area, also remember there is a green wire that leads to the next locked gate. The same method applies as before activate the next generator and immediately head to this gate, use the green wire if you get lost.
  • You can find the generator to the back of the cave, just follow the green wire. Chica will be walking around this area too so be careful (Chica Beak 2/3)
  • Once the generator has been activated return to the gate and hit the button to unlock it.
  • Head up the hill now and through the door
  • We will now be in a large multistorey car park filled with security bots with a new makeover, Chica, of course, will also be here too.
  • Anyway head on up to the next section of the car park, there is nothing of interest in the first section. The generator can be found here. (Chica Beak 3/3)
  • Now head through the doorway to the right of the generator and follow the staircase up.
  • Continue on and eventually we will reach a door, go through it to find a room full of strange paper and writing. This is the Staffbot Silo room.


  • Whilst in the Staffbot Silo room head up the staircase and you will come across a table with animatronics around it. One of which is Balloon Boy. On this table is the Old Poster collectible
  • You should know where to go now in terms of performing maintenance on Freddy, if not then it is in Basement 2. You can use either Roxy’s room or the main stage in order to get there
  • Here use the computer and select the Voicebox Upgrade option
  • Now we need to perform the maintenance so inspect Freddy and make sure to pay attention, you will need to press the right buttons in the correct order.
  • After performing the maintenance go ahead and interact with the computer once again to complete the mission.
  • Freddy should now have all of the animatronic upgrades.
  • NOTE: Using Chica’s voice box we can now stun any animatronic foe.


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