(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: Roxy’s Weakness Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the Roxy’s Weakness mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.



  • After performing maintenance on Freddy and using the nearby computer to complete the last mission. Moon will arrive but to quickly get rid of him simply head through the double doors and use the recharge station.
  • Okay lets do some quick collectible hunting shall we? Now that we have a new ability lets make use of it! We can start by heading to the animatronics lobby and going through the red double doors that lead to the Utility Tunnels
  • As we proceed down we will come across a locked gate, simply use Freddy to open it. In here we can find the Golden Roxy
  • Continue down to B2. Here there will be a corridor that we can go down that leads to the area from the start of the game (B2-COR-RR-2)
  • Going through here will take us to another locked gate, again use Freddy. This will lead to the Missing message collectible
  • Return to the long corridor and continue down, you will come across another locked gate. Ignore the gate for now as there is a gift box just behind the crates here that hides the Foxy Plush
  • Now head through the locked gate to arrive to a room with a large screen and what look like tree branches. There is a gift box containing the Sun Figure
  • Continue down to the next set of stairs (STR-ATR), there will be another locked gate as you go up these stairs. Break through this gate using Freddy and the following gate too to arrive at the B1-COR area.
  • You should see the gift box sitting on top of the conveyor belt, you will need to jump and climb in order to reach it (Moon Figure)
  • Continue on towards the save point and Freddy recharge station, use them if you want, then head through the doors. This area should be familiar as it is where we were trying to hide from Chica during the start of the game. (B1-COR-FB3). It is the hallway with the pink and green walls.
  • Just past the save point in the green and pink hallway there will be a gate that Freddy can break that will reveal the Glam Freddy Plush
  • Now that all of the collectibles here have been taken care of, we now need to return all the way back to the animatronic lobby. Basically the room where you can access Freddy, Chica, and so on their room.


  • Head to Roxy Raceway and enter through the shutters
  • Continue through the area and head through the next set of shutters, in here there will be a locked gate so use Freddy to open it.
  • Straight ahead of us there will be a carry bag containing the Sinkhole collectible, next to the trophy stand.
  • Head through the shutters, there will be quite a few security bots in here and as expected Roxy herself will be patrolling the area. So be careful.
  • Head downstairs and enter the set of garages to the right.
  • In the first garage there will be a door that we can go through that is being patrolled by a lone security bot, head in here to find the Freddy Upgrade and PQ2 Maint Log
  • Keep heading into the different garages, one of which will contain the Dance Pass (we will be needing this a bit later)
  • In the far north east corner of the area there will be a staff door, inside we can find the Monty Balloon and Power Drain collectibles
  • To the north of this room there will be an area with a yellow waste container, just behind it is the Re-Theme collectible
  • Just by the save point near here is another carry bag this time with the Test Drivers Wanted collectible


  • Near the save point there will be a kart with a robot inside, unfortunately this robot is missing its head.
  • If you head up the stairs here we can find a gift box containing the Fizzy Faz – Roxy. If you have been following this guide so far then we should have unlocked the Sugar High trophy achievement
  • In order to find the missing head we need to head inside the Information Register building, in here we can find the necessary carry bag behind the counter (Chasing Cars). Plus the Space Monty Keychain


  • Head to towards the entrance to the Roxy Raceway and head left, basically head opposite the garage area this time. There will be a gate area with a door, a collectible (Old Elevator) can be found inside
  • Around the corner from this room is the Sore Winner collectible. Near this collectible is a box containing the robot head we need
  • Getting this robot head will complete the mission.

NEXT MISSION: Repair Robot Head


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