(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: Thrill Seeker Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the Thrill Seeker mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.

Prize Counter



  • Head to the third floor and on the right side of the area you should notice the Mazercise store, it is next to the El Chips
  • There is nothing in the first room so continue on through the door and into the next room.
  • In this room there will be a lone security bot patrolling the area, there is also a small staff room nearby too that houses the maze controls. Plus the Job Security collectible
  • Whilst we are in here go ahead and activate the switch by the controls.


  • Lets do some optional side stuff, such as collecting more collectibles shall we?
  • If you head to the Level 2 Let’s Eat store we will be able to unlock the No Room For Dessert trophy achievement and find the Monty Magnet. Let’s Eat can be found by going through the Sodaroni shutters, just above the Monty Golf
  • Head back to the Ground Floor Main Entrance and we can do a bit more collectible hunting now that we have higher access cards.
  • You can now get the collectible from the Lost and Found on the ground floor of Faz Pad (Cupcake Pinata)
  • Then just by the exit and entrance barriers there will be a Level 2 Staff Only door that will contain both the Fizzy Faz Chica and False Alarm collectibles


  • Anyway to progress with the game we will need to head to the Superstar Daycare Pick-Up on the Groundfloor.
  • Head into the play area section where we met with Sun and Moon.
  • Here head into the first green door on the left to find a gift box containing the Glam Freddy Figure
  • Now head downstairs and find the Fazcade, there will be a message collectible in here (Out of Order)
  • Staying downstairs but heading around the other side near the security bots, we will find ourselves inside the picture theatre (Fazbear Theatre). In here there will be two collectibles (Frozen Chica Treat and BBW Maint Log)
  • Head past the security bot that keeps pacing up and down, you may need to use the Faz Camera to stun it. Head across to the other side.
  • Across from the movie screen you will find a gift box with the Freddy Mask. It resides next to the trash bags.
  • (Note: I have had Monty glitch in the Fazbear Theatre, so try not to alert him otherwise he may not leave the room)
  • Whilst at the Fazbear Theatre there will be two security bots patrolling a single walkway, use the Faz Camera to get past them.
  • From there head down the stairs and watch out for the next security bot, head right to find several clothes lines and white boards.
  • Continue down the next set of stairs and we will now be in near enough complete darkness
  • At the bottom of the stairs there will be a carry bag containing The Answer collectible
  • Wave hello to the Glamrock Endo once again, yes these creepy red eyed robots are back. Don’t worry though they will remain idle for now..
  • Continue down the last set of stairs and head through the double doors by the B1 sign, this will probably take you to the cardboard cut-out room. Just next to the cardboard cut-out room is a room with a save point.
  • Next to the save point is a gift box containing the Mazercise Control Key that we need


  • After picking up the Mazercise Control Key this will activate all of the Glamrock Endo in the room
  • Our goal is to escape the Fazbear Theatre and return to the play area where we met Sun and Moon. However, with several red eyes keeping a close eye on us, things might get tricky. We will need to lure the Endo down the stairs and out of our way. In all honesty, despite their numbers, It shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Once outside of the Fazbear Theatre, continue on and return to the ground floor area. If you want an extra optional task and have yet to unlock it, head to either Faz Pad or the main entrance and smash the plates here (cause a distraction). Knocking these type of plates at least 10 times will unlock the OPA! trophy achievement. The plates will keep on respawning every time you move a floor or continue another mission
  • Once you are ready head to the Level 3 floor and more specifically back to the Mazercise room.
  • Head into the control room, which is just past the entrance, we were in here earlier.


  • Interact with the controls and the puzzle will begin..
  • Here we have a set of interactive panels and a left and right arrow, plus above the panels are numbers 1-5. Next to this is a screen of our progress. What we need to do is use this panel in order to move the walls seen on the screen, we need to create a path for ourselves so that we can reach the end vent.
  • The solution to which is as follows; 4 Up, 2 Up, 3 Up (3 times). Push the red button once again. 1 Up (3 times), 2 Up, 2 Down
  • Now follow the maze and keep to the left, this will take you to the vent.
  • (Note: If you are still struggling with this puzzle then check out my other guide here)


  • Once out of the vent interact with the toy gun and hit the Monty targets, both of them will need to be targeted, this will activate the ride.
  • Hop down onto the walkway below and Monty will arrive, I suggest we run. At least until we reach the next toy gun. You see every time you find a toy gun there will be a target to aim for, which is to basically fill the buckets. We will have 10 attempts to fill the bucket before we then need to find the next toy gun and repeat the process.
  • You can tell if you have hit the bucket as you will hear a ping noise
  • We need to do all of this and try to survive Monty who will not be happy to see us.


  • Once the bucket has been filled run towards it and there will be a button to press, press it for another Monty scene. I actually feel bad but oh well..
  • Interact with Monty to receive the Monty Claws. We will now get the Claw No Evil trophy achievement


  • Climb up the metal structure and head through the vent to leave the area
  • If you haven’t already and now that Monty has been dealt with, there is an arcade machine here that will allow you to unlock the Under Par trophy achievement. In order to get it you will need to score less than 28
  • Anyway when you are ready exit the Monty Golf altogether and return to the lobby, we are going to do a bit more optional collectible hunting.
  • There is a gift box we have yet to open at the Rockstar Row, next to the Fazer Blast. Head through the shutters here
  • Continue on past the flashlight recharge station and into the next room, here there will be several desks. Behind one of these desks is a Staff room which contains the Monty Name Shirt
  • There are a few more collectibles in the Fazer Blast area, in here we can find the Space Freddy Keychain and Freddy Pinata. Don’t bother using your Party Pass just yet as we will be coming back later.
  • Just outside of Fazer Blast, sitting on the table to the right is the Freddy Upgrade
  • Make your way through to the Salads and Sides back kitchen we will come across the Freddy Face Shirt
  • You can find a message collectible in the side room at the end of the Salads and Sides back hallway (Better Employees)
  • Head to the back of the Salads and Sides counter to find the next collectible (Pinata)
  • Return to the hallway of the Salads and Sides and there will be a metal shutter, which is actually an elevator, ride it down to the lower levels.
  • Down here we can find the All Staff Meeting message collectible to the left of the elevator. The Pink Slip collectible can also be found down here, behind the metal shutters which leads to a large room full of security bots and tables.
  • Staying in this dining area, to the right of the shutters by the counter we can find the Golden Chica
  • Okay let us now return back up the elevator and to the Level 1 lobby once again.
  • Continuing our hunt for collectibles, let us head to Glamrock which is on Floor 2 and is connected to Roxy Raceway
  • We may have been here before but I honestly cannot remember and regardless I stumbled across more unopened gift boxes.
  • Head up the green and pink coloured stairs and we will find the Roxy Pinata
  • Across from here is the Glamrock Beauty Salon, head inside to find the Roxy Magnet
  • Heading through the door next to the Roxy Magnet we can find the Red Flag message collectible, it is next to the Princess Quest arcade.
  • In the bathroom we can find the Shoes


  • Okay lets progress with the story shall we? We need to return to the Parts and Service area over on the Basement 2 level, we can get there by using the elevator in Foxy’s (Roxanne Wolf) room.
  • Here interact with the computer and since we now have the Monty Claws, go ahead and select the Claws Upgrade option
  • Head inside the cylinder with Freddy and activate his arm casing. Just like before we will now be presented with a mini puzzle that we need to solve. Also, just like last time the solution to the puzzle is random so make sure to pay attention.
  • The method to completing the puzzle is the same, simply hit the notes that correspond to the game. So basically follow the correct order that highlights.
  • After you have successfully completed the upgrades, Freddy will now have a new set of claws. Use the nearby computer to complete the task.
  • Now that Freddy has the Monty Claws he can open special gates that can be found all around the Pizzaplex. (This includes chained gates)
  • This will complete the mission

NEXT MISSION: Roxy’s Weakness


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