(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: Prize Counter Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the Prize Counter mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.

PREVIOUS MISSION: Escape the Daycare, Monty Golf


  • After riding the elevator and acquiring the Faz Map, we will be given two different missions to complete one of which is Prize Counter and the other is the Loading Dock
  • In order to begin the Prize Counter mission we will need to head to the third floor and then from there head into the El Chip’s store (we will need to dismount Freddy if you haven’t already).
  • Foxy will be patrolling this next area so stealthily make your way to the next set of shutters on the right, head through here to find yourself at the East Arcade.
  • (Note: There is a present containing a Fizzy Faz – Monty inside the El Chip’s cooking area)
  • (Note: We actually cannot complete this mission until we have progressed and completed other missions first. The reason for this is due to needing the Level 4 Security Pass. So return here then)
  • Anyway now that we have made it into the East Arcade
  • We can find the Staff Only door in the second section of the arcade (requires Level 4 Security Pass). There is a few collectibles that we can also find in the area


  • If you head south of the map we will be able to find our second collectible (Night Shift), it sits on top of a group of tables
  • From the Night Shift collectible there will be a shutter nearby that also requires the Level 4 Security Pass
  • Head into the bathroom, both of which will be guarded by security bots. You can find the Chica Balloon in one of the stalls
  • Now if you have the Level 4 clearance then we can continue, if not then you will need to come back later. You can get the Level 4 clearance during the Warehouse mission
  • Head through the now unlocked shutters and onto the next area of the mission.
  • We will now be in a black and white hallway, follow this hallway to reach a room with a save point.
  • There will be a large glass dome that overlooks the Main Entrance and Second Floor balcony, head around this until you find an opening. There will be a Frozen Freddy Treat by the receptionist’s table
  • Return to the dome and head through the shutters.
  • From here head left until you find a shelf full of Roxy and Monty plushes, there will be a gift box here containing a Monty Mask
  • Head past the barrier in the room, between the counters, continue through the following door. We will now be in what looks to be a security office.
  • In this office room we can find a carry bag containing the CFF Main Log
  • When you are ready head inside the main security office, this room should look familiar to you by now. Save and use the flashlight recharge station if need be.
  • Then get the Security Badge (Level 6 acquired) from the table


  • As the alarm sounds both Roxy and Monty will arrive and try to capture you, we need to survive until Freddy has successfully managed to fix the alarm.
  • Next to the office doors there is a button that can be used to both open and close the doors. However, when they are closed it drains energy to the room. This is indicated by the meter on the other side of the door. So try to remain undetected and keep the doors closed but don’t drain the room’s energy too much. If you have played the previous Five Nights At Freddy’s then this will feel rather familiar.
  • Once the way is clear exit the room, head through the red exit door by the Fazbear Entertainment poster.
  • Return to the dome.
  • (Note: For some reason this mission can glitch after the alarm section. Despite managing to survive and wait for Freddy the game did not acknowledge this. I unlocked the False Alarm trophy achievement but nothing else happened, the objectives did not update. One would assume this is still classed as a mission complete as there is nowhere else to go)

NEXT MISSION: Thrill Seeker


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