(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Mission: Upgrade Freddy Walkthrough Guide

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This page is dedicated to bringing a complete walkthrough guide to (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, and more specifically the Upgrade Freddy mission.

This walkthrough will guide players on how to complete the various missions, objectives, and any hidden collectibles and secrets.

Repair Robot Head


  • (Note: This walkthrough is also part of the Stop Roxy mission)
  • After successfully repairing the robot head we now need to return to Roxy Raceway once again
  • Once you arrive at the Roxy Raceway make your way to the robot inside the kart and place the newly repaired head on it to complete the objective.
  • A scene will then trigger


  • After the scene be sure to save your progress and use the flashlight recharge if necessary. Then inspect the damaged Roxy in order to receive her eyes (Roxy’s Eyes)


  • We will now get the See No Evil trophy achievement
  • When you are ready be sure to hit the button next to the wooden door, this will awaken Roxy who will obviously not be very happy with us right now.
  • In order to avoid Roxy keep crouched and let her slam through the wooden door, this will now give us a new passageway. Without her eyes Roxy will now be blind and running on pure anger in her attempts to try and stop us.
  • In order to progress we need Roxy to continue breaking through the wooden doors, so head into the room with Roxy and keep crouched. Just because Roxy is now blind does not mean she cannot catch us still.
  • Anyway in the room with Roxy stay crouched and sit next to the following wooden door and simply wait for her to run and break through it. (Alternatively we can also make our way through the small gaps in the walls)
  • As soon as Roxy breaks through the wooden door move on into the next room and repeat the same process. Here enter through the blue door and repeat the process once again
  • Eventually she will break through a door leading to the furnace, once that happens find and locate the vents and be sure to crawl through them.
  • Continue through the vents
  • Head up the following stairs to be back at the Raceway once again.
  • We now need to leave the Raceway and make our way back to the Parts and Service area on Basement 2. This requires us going down the elevator in Roxy’s room.


  • If you return to Roxy Raceway and make your way to the Glamrock Beauty area.
  • Here we can play the arcade game Princess Quest, which is a small arcade adventure mini-game.
  • The objective is to light as many pedestals as possible without being caught by one of the bunny enemies within the game. Along the way you can collect treasure boxes that contain keys and such to unlock other doors. Some doors will not open until all pedestals are lit.
  • In order to play Princess Quest 2 we need to make our way to the Fazcade, where we had an amazing music session with Music Man. Here head to the security office.
  • If you want to save in the security office then go ahead but choose a different save file, this prevents glitches and allows you to unlock the Double Edged Sword trophy achievement
  • The Princess Quest 2 arcade can be found down the hallway to the right of the security office
  • After unlocking the trophy achievement feel free to save in the security office once again, but make sure to use a separate save file to avoid glitches.


  • Head to the Fazcade security office (if you are not already there) and head down the hallway to the right of the office
  • In order to unlock this specific arcade mini-game we will need to find various cardboard cut-outs that relate to Captain Foxy’s Pirate Adventure. When you manage to find these cardboard cut-outs you will need to take a photo of them using the Faz Cam
  • After taking a picture of the cardboard cut-out in the Fazcade leave the area and head to Kids Cove on the Level 1 floor
  • There is another cardboard cut out here that we need to Faz Cam
  • By the Monty Golf elevator there is a collectible that we missed earlier, it is behind the plants (Frozen Monty Treat)
  • Head to the animatronics room and more specifically to Chica’s room
  • At the back of Chica’s room sitting on a pile of boxes is the Chica Mask
  • Head into the Parking Area, the place with the tight corridor that is heavily guarded by security bots (Level 1). From there head to the rehearsal stage room.
  • Once you arrive be sure to take a photo (Faz Cam) of the cardboard cut-out next to the save point.
  • Now head to the Daycare area and for a bit of fun take a Faz Cam photo inside the Slide into Fun slide, this will trigger The Sun who will try to report to security. However, as most of the security have been dealt with now nothing should really happen.
  • Head into the Fazbear Theatre and make your way down into the basement with the Glamrock Endo, don’t worry they are all inactive now.
  • Down here there will be a room full of cardboard cut-outs, take a Faz Cam of them. You know you will have the correct cut-out when its eyes light up. The one you want is actually at the back of the room
  • Now return upstairs but stay inside the Fazbear Theatre, at the top of the stairs there should be a Foxy Pirate Adventure poster, this is actually a door which should now be unlocked.
  • Head through this door to find the Balloon World arcade mini-game.
  • In the room with the arcade machine we can find two collectibles (Arcade Conspiracy and Golden Moon)
  • As for the Balloon World arcade itself, the objective is to fly across the screen using balloons. If you manage to collect more balloons you will earn an extra life and thus an extra balloon. If you run out of balloons it is game over. You can loose balloons by hitting tree branches, going too high, hitting bats, and hitting the ground.
  • In order to unlock the Up Up and Away trophy achievement you will need to hit specific rocks. For example when you get to the rocky area there will be a few that will glitter purple (a glitch I guess you could say), hit these to unlock the trophy achievement.


  • We should now be back at the Parts and Service area, which can be reached by going through Roxy’s room or taking the main stage. As we have Roxy’s eyes we now need to give them to Freddy.
  • As usual interact with the computer and this time select the Ocular Upgrade option then head inside the protective cylinder
  • Interact with Freddy’s face in order to insert Roxy’s eyes. Of course we will need to perform another mini challenge and the same method applies, simply follow the correct order that the game tells you. It, as usual, is random so pay attention.
  • After you have successfully replaced the eyes be sure to interact with the computer to complete the maintenance.
  • Board Freddy and it will be time to complete the game.
  • NOTE: Roxy’s eyes allow you to see through walls and makes seeing collectibles and such much easier. Anything in particular interest will now be highlighted in purple.



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