(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Balloon World (Secret Arcade – Up Up And Away) Guide

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(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach has many mini-games such as arcades to play, one such arcade is the Balloon World secret arcade. This specific arcade, unlike the others in the game, is more complex in order to both find and unlock.

The game itself features a side scrolling balloon adventure where you must collect more balloons in order to stay alive and avoid the game over screen. The longer you remain alive the more points you rack up over time.

However, strangely enough if you are attempting to unlock the related trophy achievement (Up Up and Away), you do not need to worry about points. Instead you just need to stay alive long enough to reach a specific part of the game.

The Up Up and Away trophy achievement has a rather confusing description Maintenance log: Balloon World – Out Of Order. Which to be fair doesn’t really tell us much at all.

Anyway below is a simple guide on how to complete this one…


  • In order to unlock this specific arcade game you will need to have the Faz Cam unlocked, this can be done during the Monty Golf mission
  • With the Faz Cam head to the Fazcade on the third floor, you may need to complete the Repair Robot Head mission first in order to unlock the area.
  • From there head to the security office on the top floor, there will be a hallway to the right of this said office. Head down it.
  • At the end of this hallway there will be a cardboard cutout, it is next to the Princess Quest II arcade.
  • Use the Faz Cam and take a photo of it, the eyes on the cutout should now be glowing. This is one way of knowing that you have taken a photo of the correct cardboard cutout. This is also what is required to unlock the arcade, we need to keep taking photos of specific cardboard cutouts using the Faz Cam
  • Now that we have found our first cardboard cutout let us go and find the next one.
  • The next one can be found on the Level 1 floor inside the Kids Cove area
  • It is a cardboard cutout of what looks to be Chica, though I’m not really sure if it is or not.
  • Take a photo of this cardboard cutout (Faz Cam) regardless and make sure its eyes light up.
  • Our next one can be found at the Level 1 rehearsal stage room.
  • It is situated next to the save point.
  • Again take a photo of the cutout using the Faz Cam and its eyes will light up.
  • That is three down, we now only have one more left to find. There are four in total.
  • The final cardboard cutout can be located on the Groundfloor inside the Fazbear Theatre and more specifically in the basement of the theatre, where the Glamrock Endo reside.
  • Down here there will be a room full of cardboard cutouts, the one you want resides at the back of the room, next to the golfing Chica cutout.
  • Now head upstairs but do not leave the theatre. There should be a poster on the door by the stairs, the poster should be about Captain Foxy’s Pirate Adventure
  • Yes, these cardboard cutouts we have been taking photos of are all related to this poster here. One way of knowing which cardboard cutout you have and which you do not is by looking at this poster and seeing which ones have their eyes lit up.
  • Anyway if you haven’t already figured it out by now, this poster is sitting on a door which should now be unlocked. The Balloon Arcade is through here.


  • The objective of Balloon World is to collect balloons, think of these as rings in Sonic the Hedgehog, collect at least three balloons and you will gain an extra balloon. The more balloons you have the more lives you have
  • Every time you hit a flying bat, fly too high, fly too low, or hit a branch you will loose a balloon. Loose all of your balloons and it is game over.
  • The longer you stay alive the more points you will generate over time. If you manage to hit a party hat you will obtain a 1,000 point bonus
  • However, if you are planning on unlocking the Up Up and Away trophy achievement, then points do not matter.
  • Instead all that matters is staying alive, at least until a certain section pops up. This being the rocky section.
  • If you look carefully some of these rocks have a purple sparkle, this indicates a sort of glitch. If you fly into it the game will begin to bug out and the trophy achievement should then pop.


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