(FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach – Princess Quest 1 & 2 Arcade (A Double Edged Sword) Guide

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One of the many available arcade mini-games that can be found in (FNAF) Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach is the Princess Quest, of which there are two to find and play.

Princess Quest is a basic little indie style adventure title, similar to Binding of Issac or the older Zelda titles, where you control a Princess in her search for keys, treasures, and survival.

If you manage to find and complete both Princess Quest I and Princess Quest II you will be rewarded with the A Double Edged Sword trophy achievement

Below is the locations to both arcade machines and how to complete them both.


  • The first Princess Quest arcade can be found on the Level 2 floor inside the Glamrock Beauty store, which is part of the Roxy Raceway.
  • The objective of this one is to control the Princess and light the various pedestals that you come across, all whilst trying to avoid the evil bunny type fiends.
  • You will also need to open certain treasure chests in order to obtain keys and unlock new doors.
  • Sometimes doors do not open until all enemies and pedestals have been dealt with and lit.
  • In Princess Quest I there is a small puzzle that you will need to solve, this requires you to light pedestals in a specific order. The correct order is as follows: South east, middle, north, south, and north east.


  • Princess Quest II can be found inside the third floor Fazcade (where you meet with the Music Man during the Repair Robot Head mission). From there head to the top floor and towards the security office.
  • At the security office head down the long passage to the right and the arcade machine can be found down here.
  • This one plays the same way as Princess Quest I, just this time you have a sword you can use to fight back.

Complete both Princess Quest I and Princess Quest II in order to unlock the A Double Edged Sword trophy achievement


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