(FOTNS) Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise – 3-Second Cooking (Side Quest / Sub Stories) Guide

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​Just outside of the Coliseum you will encounter a kid arguing with an old man. This kid wants a specific meal for his dinner, however they unfortunately do not currently possess the required ingredients to make it. Kenshiro steps in to help. 
We are now in search of a guy named Pozo, who is located at Bazaar West, he will insist on wanting 10,000,000 IDL you can either chose to give him the money but ideally the best option is to decline his offer. This will trigger a fight but in the end you should have the required item. Return to the old man and you will then need to help cook the food, which is quite straight forward. 

ACTIVATED AFTER: After talking to the Casino Manager regarding Jagi.

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