(FOTNS) Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise – Little Lady Lin (Side Quest / Sub Stories) Guide

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After completing Substory 16 – Rebuilding A Home. Return to Lin and try to max her meter to almost level 3. At this point Lin will ask for yet another order with another time frame attached to it, again you will be given 15 minutes to complete this task.
This time you will need; x1 Prime Jerky, 1x Canned Gruel, x2 Fine Nail and x2 Pre-War Statues. You can get the Jerky from Emori (may require rank 1), the Canned Gruel comes from Scavenger Shop Owner (may require rank 3), the Fine Nail can be found in the Western Highlands and finally the Pre-War statue can be gotten from the Coliseum for around 80P. Substory ends once you return all of the items.

ACTIVATED AFTER: Complete Substory 16 – Rebuilding A Home

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