(FOTNS) Fist Of The North Star : Lost Paradise – The Legendary Mechanic (Side Quest / Sub Stories) Guide

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After completing both Substory 26 – Manual Transmission and Substory 27 – Bridge of Tomorrow. Once again head for the ‘Canyon Village’ here you will find a man standing next to the Buggy. This man will mention that the Buggy is not running at its full potential, dejavu anyone? Anyway you will be tasked with getting a part for the Buggy.
This item is across the newly built bridge, once you cross this bridge just keep going North whilst also keeping an eye out for items along the road, (you can easily tell if it is what you want as it will be light up in white). Warning though the thugs here all range between level 66+ Substory ends when you get the item and successfully return it to the man at Canyon Village.

ACTIVATED AFTER: Complete Substory 26 – Manual Transmission and Substory 27 – Bridge of Tomorrow

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