God Of War (2018) – All Collectibles (Iron Cove – Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chest) Guide

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As you continue to explore the world of (GOW) God of War 2018 you will come across various collectibles, these usually include Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Artefacts and more!

Getting and collecting them all will reward you with the following trophies and achievements, CuratorAllfather BlindedDeath Happened Here and The Truth

(Please Note: A lot of these collectibles cannot be collected until you have travelled far enough into the main story, this is because at the start you are lacking the necessary abilities and skills)

Below is a quick guide on how to find the collectibles on the Iron Cove map, there is a total of 2 collectibles to be found

  • One of the many ways to access the Iron Cove is by going through the Isle of Death
  • Simply climb the wall on the Isle of Death and jump the gap
  • From there climb the next following wall to the very top
  • When you reach the very top take the zip line to the Iron Cove


  • COLLECTIBLE: Odin’s Raven
  • GUIDE: Dispel the poison gas next to the climbable wall by throwing your Axe at the explosive here.
  • Then at the top of this wall look up, you will see a torch that you can drop down to remove the rubble that currently blocks your path
  • Turn right and there will be another explosive under the abandoned boat, this will remove the debris by the treasure chest that you just went past earlier.
  • Now head to this treasure chest in order to find yet another explosive under the abandoned boat, this can only be seen from this side. This will remove the debris on the other side of the boat, by the climbable ledge.
  • With the debris now having been removed go ahead and climb up the ledge.
  • We will now be on top of this abandoned boat, here turn left to find the raven flying around the hill opposite.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest
  • GUIDE: Hop down from the ship and climb the next wall. Here look up to find a torch you can drop to dispel the poison
  • Then look right to find another explosive sitting on top of the rubble
  • Another explosive sits on the next bit of rubble
  • Okay now this Legendary Chest is hidden behind a door that is usually used for a Nornir Chest, meaning in order to gain access to it we will need to spin some mechanical devices, you should be used to these if you have been collecting the Nornir Chests.
  • ROTATING DEVICE 1: This first rotating device can be found to the left. Spin this right once
  • ROTATING DEVICE 2: This one can also be found to the left, however it is currently stuck in debris and cannot be rotated. To remedy this there is an explosive sitting on the rubble next to it, destroy this. Hop back down now towards the boat and head between the damaged ship to find this rotating device to the right. Turn it left once
  • ROTATING DEVICE 3: Head back to the wall but before climbing back up turn right to find this last one. Turn this right once
  • After playing with the rotating devices the door should now open, so climb back up the wall.
  • In here destroy the explosive to be able to claim the chest.


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