God Of War (2018) – All Collectibles (Konunsgard – Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chest) Guide

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As you continue to explore the world of (GOW) God of War 2018 you will come across various collectibles, these usually include Odin’s Ravens, Nornir Chests, Legendary Chests, Artefacts and more!

Getting and collecting them all will reward you with the following trophies and achievements, CuratorAllfather BlindedDeath Happened Here and The Truth

(Please Note: A lot of these collectibles cannot be collected until you have travelled far enough into the main story, this is because at the start you are lacking the necessary abilities and skills)

Below is a quick guide on how to find the collectibles on the Konunsgard map, there is a total of 14 collectibles to be found

KONUNSGARD FAVOUR: The Fire of Reginn, Hail to the King


  • COLLECTIBLE: Mystic Gateway
  • GUIDE: Head through King’s Hollow and dock at Konunsgard. When you get out of your boat you should instantly notice the Mystic Gateway


  • COLLECTIBLE: Lore Marker (Motsognir’s Throne)
  • GUIDE: Head deeper into Konunsgard. Climb down the chain and up the wall to find this one


  • GUIDE: Head left of the last collectible and just continue on until you reach the shop, unmissable really.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Odin’s Raven
  • GUIDE: Continue on from the last collectible and you will find a poison cloud to the left, dispel it. Then follow this path on to reach a treasure chest, the raven is sitting on the cliffs opposite


  • COLLECTIBLE: Mystic Gateway
  • GUIDE: Cross the bridge now and turn right. Follow the path on and the Mystic Gateway will be on the left.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Odin’s Raven
  • GUIDE: Head down the hill and to the area with an Ogre, just before the dragon. Here use the planks to cross the stream and climb the wall. Head to the ledge opposite to find this raven on the cliff rocks


  • COLLECTIBLE: Odin’s Raven
  • GUIDE: Continue into the dragon area now and stand next to the anchor, the raven will be sat opposite.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Odin’s Raven
  • GUIDE: 
  • Continue on and head through the door, you will need to use the red shatter crystals to open it.
  • Stop when you reach the bridge, the raven is to the right of the bridge


  • COLLECTIBLE: Lore Marker (Reginn of Konunsgard)
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible, continue on a little bit and you should spot this one to the right.


  • COLLECTIBLE: Jotnar Shrine (Starkadr)
  • GUIDE: Head inside Motsognir’s stronghold and turn right to immediately see this next one


  • COLLECTIBLE: Odin’s Raven
  • GUIDE: From the Jotnar Shrine turn and head left, the raven is barely visible but it sits on the rooftop


  • COLLECTIBLE: Legendary Chest
  • GUIDE: 
  • Head through the doors with the dragon statues, continue on until you are back outside
  • At the end of the path you should notice this chest on the platform opposite


  • COLLECTIBLE: Nornir Chest
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible, head up the hill and the Nornir chest will be down the stairs to the left
  • Take the wind source next to the chest and insert it into the seal (Seal 1) to the right.
  • Take the wind source once again and this time insert it into the other seal (Seal 2)
  • SEAL 1: Facing the Nornir chest, to the right. Needs to represent the letter n, once it does hit this letter with your Axe to cause it to change colour.
  • SEAL 2: Facing the Nornir chest, to the left. For this one you need to use your Axe and hit both the letters R and C
  • The chest should then open


  • COLLECTIBLE: Realm Tear
  • GUIDE: Heading left from the Nornir chest now, you will find this Realm Tear to the right.


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