God Of War (2018) – Hail To The King (Favour – Side Quest) Guide

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Once you reach the Path to the Mountain mission you will begin unlocking the optional side quests or Favours as the game calls them

One such optional favour is Hail To The King, which involves getting the ingredients to craft Dwarven Armor of Legend

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: A Path to Jotunheim
  • REWARDS: Runic Attack – Fire of Ares, Dwarven Armour Set Recipe, 3290XP, Like Oil and Water Trophy Achievement
  • QUEST GIVER: Sindri
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete Second Hand Soul, Dues Ex Malachite, Fafnir’s Hoard, Family Business
  • LOCATION: Konunsgard stronghold
  • GUIDE:
  • Once you arrive at the A Path to Jotunheim story mission, you can then begin this side quest. You will need to speak to both Sindri and Brok to initiate it
  • Turns out that they can craft us some Dwarven Armour of Legend but in order to do so we need to get the materials, the materials can be found in Konunsgard, which is North of the Forgotten Caverns
  • Head through the cave here and dock at the end of it. Here you should notice a door and a nearby pedestal, now that we have the key we can use this pedestal in order to unlock the door
  • Now head through the door and use the chain at the end to lower yourself down to the platform below, you may need to smash a barricade that is blocking this chain first.
  • Then climb the wall and you will be able to collect a Lore here, if you want (Glory to Motsognir). There is also a shop to the left too
  • After passing the shop ignore the poison cloud to the left as it leads to a trap and there is nothing to be gained from going in this direction
  • Instead continue on and cross the bridge and turn right
  • There will be a Mystic Gateway to the left that you can activate, however in doing so more enemies will then spawn.
  • Continue to follow the path down, then head left to find another poison cloud. This time we cannot ignore it as we need to pass, so deal with the source of this poison so we can move on.
  • We will now arrive at the doors to the stronghold. Sadly the door is currently locked and the nearby pedestal requires 3 keys in order to open it
  • The first key can be found by this fallen soldier
  • From the pedestal turn and head right, you will end up in an area with an Ogre. For now there isn’t much you can do here as this area does not contain any keys. However, remember this area as we will be back here shortly.
  • Whilst we are here though, you can use the nearby wooden planks to cross the stream and reach a climbable wall. Doing so will lead you to a treasure chest containing x1 Solid Svartalfheim Steel and x3 World Serpent Scale
  • Now return back to the stronghold door and this time head left, deal with the poison cloud
  • Continue to follow the path and you will then reach an area with a Soul Devourer, defeat it to receive the Seidr Sigil of Runic Power (Rare Enchantment)
  • The chest here contains x1 Symbol of Fortitude
  • Now head up the small hill here and use the wall on the right to get across the gap.
  • Follow this next path and turn right, do not drop off this ledge. Instead if you look up you will notice one of those light crystals
  • Use your Axe to drop this crystal into the water, after which you can go and collect it
  • Take this crystal to the crystal holder that you should of passed earlier, it was just before the Soul Devourer encounter
  • Then use Atreus to form a bridge from it, this bridge will now act as a pathway across the gap you just passed earlier. It is where you had to use the wall to get across this said gap
  • Now in the Soul Devourer area there is a structure with the wind element in it, take this wind element and head up the nearby hill and across the newly formed bridge.
  • Insert the element into the next structure here
  • Then from there take the wind element once again and this time insert it into the nearby door, this will now unlock it.
  • The second key is just beyond this door
  • Now remember the area I told you to remember? The one with the Ogre? Return back there now
  • Once again use the wooden planks to cross the stream and climb the wall. Then turn right and jump the gap, you will now reach the dragon, Reginn. This will also unlock the The Fire of Reginn favour quest, a guide for which can be found here
  • Anyway continue on until you reach the lower grounds.
  • Now head to the locked door with the blue symbols above it
  • Take one of the shatter crystals to the right and throw it towards the bell to the left
  • Then turn right and use Atreus to detonate both the thrown shatter crystal and the shatter crystal on the wall, this should then unlock the door
  • Heading through the door you should notice yet more enemies, use the red hanging lantern above them to easily finish them off
  • Continuing on and you will come across a bridge, use your Axe on the chains to lower it
  • Keep following the path, heading past another Lore marker. Eventually you will reach an area with more enemies and the dragon is back, be careful here as these enemies are quite tough and the dragon can also attack you too
  • After the fight be sure to take the final key off the pedestal here and then ride the zip line down and open the gate.
  • Return back to the stronghold door and insert all 3 keys now in order to unlock the door
  • Enter Motsognir’s stronghold and then head right and up a ledge to the left, here there will be a treasure chest containing Mark of the Element (Epic Enchantment)
  • Head back now and ignore the stairs as that has been blocked off, instead continue down the only other path we have yet to take.
  • Follow this path around and to a door. In here you should notice quite a bit of blood on the floor, follow it to a movable wall
  • After the scene it will be time to return back to Brok and Sindri, in doing so the quest will then end.


Looks like Brok and Sindri can put the whetstone and hammer we found to good use and craft us the Dwarven Armour of Legend! First things first, we need to go to Konunsgard and use the key Brok gave us

We’ve arrived in Konunsgard but the door to the stronghold is locked. It looks like it takes 3 keys. I bet we can find them somewhere in the area

Three keys acquired! We’re inside Motsognir’s stronghold, but there’s something wrong here. I can hear the screams of those who died. These people suffered, their last moments were spent in fear.. The only way to figure out what happened here is to keep exploring.

We found the Dwarf King Motsognir dead in his stronghold. He was trying to craft the armour too, he just didn’t know that the final ingredient was his own ultimate sacrifice. Father says ‘his loss is our gain’, so now all we have to do is take these three ingredients to Brok and Sindri. They’re hard to describe.. but I’m sure the brothers can figure out what to do with them.

  • Go to the Konunsgard stronghold
  • Collect keys to enter stronghold
  • Enter Motsognir’s stronghold
  • Explore the stronghold
  • Return to Brok and Sindri’s shop


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