God Of War (2018) – Moon, Midgard, Sun Trap (The Black Rune – Puzzle Solution) Guide

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As you continue your journey through Midgard you will inevitably come across various riddles and puzzles that you will need to solve in order to progress the story.

One of which occurs during the The Black Rune mission, where you need to solve a puzzle involving the moon, midgard and the sun

  • MAIN STORY OBJECTIVE: Deactivate the vault’s defences (The Black Rune)
  • LOCATION: Tyr’s Temple
  • GUIDE:
  • Whilst you are trying to find the secret Jotunheim travel rune from Tyr’s vault, you will inevitably get caught in some rather thick tree vines
  • This will then trigger a puzzle that you will need to solve involving the moon, sun and midgard. You will need to rearrange these symbols into the correct order
  • Thankfully Atreus will tell you what order these symbols need to be in, that leaves us with only one real issue here and that is they are all currently out of order and mixed up hmmm..
  • Okay start off by moving the middle lever
  • Followed then by the left lever, this will cause the moon symbol to be lowered and no longer part of the sequence
  • Now switch back to the middle lever once again to get the symbols to move right
  • Then select the right lever to lower the sun symbol
  • Now give the left lever some work, this will raise the moon symbol once again.
  • Going back to the middle lever now, this will cause both the moon and midgard symbols to join up and head left.
  • Finally turn to the right lever in order to complete the puzzle
  • We should now have successfully lined up and put the correct symbols in the correct order from moon, midgard and sun


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