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Harley Quinn called from Blackgate Penitentiary. She was working with Batman before his death and has important information. Head to Blackgate and find her in Cell Block 3.

REWARDS: XP, Suit Upgrade



Harley Quinn Delivers Her Message

When you are ready to proceed exit the Belfry and head west of the map, towards Blackgate Island. Thankfully the entrance seems to be unguarded, at least the gate is anyway.

Continue on and make your way further inside the penitentiary. We want to head to the side entrance to the left. We will now be exploring a cave area as we continue to advance towards the prison.

Proceed and squeeze yourself through the gap in the walls and then climb up the wall. Up here there will be a treasure chest (Industrial Solvent) and a scrawled message on the rock wall.

Continue on and grapple across to the other side. Alfred will then get in contact with you as you finally reach the prison.

Grapple to the next ledge above and you will come across a jammed door, interact with it and the door will then open.


Locating Cell Block 3

Now that we have finally made it inside the prison we will need to search for cell block 3, where Harley Quinn is apparently located.

In this next room will be our first enemy threat of the area. Deal with them however way you want. Then once you are done you should be able to locate the sign for Cell Block 3, it is basically written on the wall to the left.

Keep following the signs for Cell Block 3 and head through the door to encounter some of the local inmates.


After taking out the inmates proceed and interact with the following door. In here there will be quite a few inmates. We can also try to achieve the bonus here too, which will require us not to take any damage.

The door revealing a set of stairs will then open and we can proceed to the next area. We can now find and speak with Harley Quinn

After the conversation we can then simply exit the area. Nothing much else to do here.

Eventually we will reach the yard, there will be plenty of inmates here and all waiting for more action. Deal with them.


After dealing with the inmates or rather the Blackguard guards do not head through the following door. Instead ignore it and head right to find a treasure chest (Titanium Mesh).

Head through the door and our next objective will be to reach the basement. A rather large mobster will now be after us (Godmother)


Piercing Attacks Displayed On Elemental Shockwave

Godmother is quite a tough opponent that can hit quite hard. Basic attacks will also not really effect her. You will need to use your Momentum abilities, such as Elemental Shockwave. Guard Break style attacks are also rather useless against her

Piercing Abilities are actually indicated by looking at your character abilities and scrolling over to the Momentum Abilities. Here we can tell if the move is a piercing ability or not.

In order to beat her you will be limited to using the piercing momentum ability to actually perform any significant damage to her.

So as soon as the battle begins immediately use your piercing momentum as she comes dashing towards you, connecting with this move will temporarily stun her and allow you to get a few more hits in.

From there stay cautious and attack and evade when possible to help increase your momentum bar and then strike her with yet another piercing move.

Continue to repeat this process. Using anything other than your piercing attacks will barely scratch her but we need to increase our bar before we can perform another move.

As if that was not enough we will now get swarmed by several Blackgate Security, defeat them too.


Continue into the next room to be met with a bunch of inmates. Defeat them and then head around the pillar to find a treasure chest (Titanium Mesh). There will also be another treasure chest in the Block 4 area, again behind the pillar. After collecting the chests grapple on up to the ledge above.

Drop down to the ground below, on the other side. Then proceed to follow the vents. This vent will lead us to the basement.


Take down the nearby inmates. There will also be a Bulldozer in this room, remember in order to take him down we will need to prioritise heavy attacks.

After clearing the room be sure to collect the treasure chest (melee upgrade, Industrial Solvent).

Continue on through the following door and we will reach the records room.


The Card Catalog

In the records room we will need to scan the card catalogue but we can also get a bonus too, if we find and examine all of the marked items. There are 4 items in total to be found

If we begin our search by heading upstairs we should be able to locate a treasure chest (Polymer). In this exact same room is a Prisoner Profile (Cyrus Gold)

Head back downstairs now to find the Old Newspaper (Gotham Gazette). Back upstairs and in the more open area is the Note From Warden on the cabinet.

In the same area as the Note From Warden is the Business Card (Jonathan Brindley), located on the shelving.

For finding and examining all of the required items we will earn ourselves some extra Polymer and Industrial Solvent.

In order to progress with the game we will need to scan the card catalogue, which is the small table near the doorway on the lower ground.

We will then find a card that we can collect, now to find the record. The record is located upstairs is one of the small rooms, it is inside the filing cabinet. Collect the File Archive that relates to Oswald Cobblepot.


After collecting the document we will then want to start making our way back out of the area and towards the exit. Until we reach a room full of inmates.

Defeat the inmates and make your way to Block 3, from there continue all the way until you reach Harley Quinn.


We Claim Our Book

After the scene with Harley Quinn we will then need to start chasing a balloon. This balloon, of course, will have the book that we need.

Unfortunately the rest of the inmates have now managed to escape their cells. Meaning we will now have quite a few fights on our hands.

Just continue on, the path is quite straight forward and we are not exploring anything new. There will be a bonus section that requires us to perform perfect dodges, if you are interested. If you succeed at this bonus then you will be rewarded with extra Polymer and Industrial Solvent

Return to the Belfry to continue the mission.


Once you are back at the Belfry you will then need to speak with Alfred before then inspecting Harley Quinn’s book on the cardboard boxes.

NEXT MISSION: The Rabbit Hole


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