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Finish your preparations, then leave the Belfry for a nighttime patrol and proceed with the investigation.

REWARDS: XP, Suit Upgrade, Ranged Upgrade

PREVIOUS MISSION: The Langstrom Drive


Inspecting The Evidence Board

Proceed and check the evidence boards, which is located next to Barbara Gordon. This is basically where all of the collected evidence resides, now it really does feel like a detective game!

Go ahead and highlight the Leads section of the board and it will inform us that Dr. Langstrom had some volunteers and we now need to track them down. Perhaps they will have a clue about his killer?


The Basic Training Menu

Now before we can simply set out and look for these volunteers the game will, first, want us to prepare for the upcoming mission. This requires us to craft a new melee weapon using the workbench and complete the interrogation training. Both of which is quite straight forward.

The workbench can be found next to Alfred. Upon inspecting it we will then get a tutorial on how to craft gear. That we will need to collect blueprints and salvage in order to create new upgrades. If you are playing as Nightwing then this blueprint will be the Stock Escrima Sticks, which we got for completing the previous mission.

The interrogation training is located in the Basic Training menu. We can access this menu by using the Batcomputer and heading to the Challenges and then Basic Training menu.

Upon reading the description regarding the interrogation training it seems that we will need to make our way over to the training dummy located in the Belfry. The training dummy is actually located just behind the evidence board.

The Training Dummy (Interrogation Training)

By interacting with the training dummy we can then begin the required interrogation training. There will be other training activities here too, should you wish to try and complete them.

You should be able to reach level 3 by completing all of the different training stages and thus be allowed to progress with the game, if you have not already managed to reach the required level.

In order to continue we will need to inspect the newspaper next to the Workbench. By doing this a scene will then trigger.

The online multiplayer option will now become available. Meaning you can now play online with other players.


Members Of Freaks Waiting To Be Interrogated

Now that we know how to interrogate the nearby enemy patrols we can leave the Belfry and either track down members of the Freaks or the Mob. It does not matter which one you start with we will need to interrogate both.

You should be able to spot a few of the Freaks hanging around the Financial District and The Cauldron. Remember not to defeat them before we have interrogated them first.

The Freaks are actually quite easy to find, they are also often marked on the map too.


Interrogating A Member Of The Mob

I managed to locate some of the Mobsters around The Cauldron area, up on the rooftops. As well as on the rooftops in the Old Gotham area. Remember the Mobsters can usually be found by listening out for gunfire.


After you are done interrogating both the Mob and the Freaks we will then realise who had Dr. Langstrom killed. Basically Langstrom paid the Mob to take part in his trials and things turned sour.

We now need to go and pay Talia a visit, she can be found over in The Cauldron area of the map. Visit her and witness the scene

We now need to return back to the Belfry, apparently Harley Quinn sent the team a message.

NEXT MISSION: Blackgate Blues


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