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The Belfry is being brought back online. Until then, patrol the streets of Gotham and fight criminals.

A post mortem on Langstrom’s body is currently being performed at GCPS Headquarters. Find a way to quietly get inside.

REWARDS: Blueprint, Polymer, Titanium Mesh, XP



Now that we have Langstrom’s hard drive, unfortunately we cannot really do much with it for now as we need to wait until the Belfry has been brought back online again. So there is not much to do other than to explore the city.

Our current objective is to go and look for some nearby criminals and rough up them up a bit. This will then allow the game to tell us about clues and how to find and collect them. Clues can be found and dropped by eliminating certain nearby threats.

If you are struggling to find some criminals then there will be a group harassing a female citizen on the rooftops near the Vacancy Hotel (or No Vacancy Hotel). Just keep searching for criminals and you should find some clues. I actually managed to find some clues on these mobsters.

The Mobsters Hold Potential Clues

If a criminal has and does drop clues they will then appear as small orange magnifying icons. Just collect these in order to gain the required clues. We do not need many in order to be able to progress (I managed to collect two clues from these mobsters)

From there Alfred will then contact us. It seems that Langstrom’s hard drive requires a bio-decryption key. The only way to get one of those is to pay a visit to the morgue.


When you manage to reach the GCPD rendezvous point you will notice that a bunch of officers have now left, making things little more easier to get inside. We need to reach the back entrance and we will get a bonus if we manage to do this without being caught.

Grapple your way to the back entrance, which is basically the parking garage and watch out as there will be some officers right around the corner. They seem to be having trouble with the nearby door.

Wait until their back is turned and one of them walks away. From there we can then head under this faulty door and continue on, hopefully without being caught. When you reach the door to the next area and providing you managed to do all of this without being caught you will then be rewarded with your bonus. The bonus is an extra 82XP.

We Gain The Bonus Reward

Inside the building there will more officers, one of which will be busy watching the surveillance screens so just sneak on up the stairs.

Once you arrive on the second floor you will want to search for an open vent that you can grapple and climb into.

Continue through the vents and there will be a few officers that we can spy on that are simply performing their duties, nothing spectacular so just continue on.

Once you reach the end of the vents we will be able to witness an argument between both Catherine Kane and Renee Montoya. Ignore it for now and continue to follow the linear path to a set of double doors, which lead to the Holding Cells.

In here there will be two officers so either try to sneak past them or go ahead and eliminate them. Your call. In the cells will be some of the inmates, basically members of the Freak faction.

Our current goal is to reach the officer bullpen.


From the holding cells simply grapple and make your way up to the second floor. Follow the hallway and we can find an old abandoned Bat-signal device that we can interact with.

On the bookshelf we can find some diamonds that have been stolen by Catwoman. Near the bookshelf we can find a creepy ventriloquist dummy (Scarface). Next to the ventriloquist dummy is an armor display (ceremonial costume)

After you are done investigating the area we can then continue to follow the mission objective. In this next room we can find a chest. It is basically a treasure chest. This chest should contain some crafting salvage (polymer and titanium mesh). Using this crafting salvage we can upgrade our gear and customize the appearance of our hero’s suit. Though we will also need to find blueprints first.

Anyway keep going and we will arrive in a reddish looking room. This room will take us to the exit.


We will now get a tutorial on security cameras. Basically we need to steer clear of these unless we want to find ourselves in trouble. If we end up getting spotted we will then be forced to defeat the offers in the room.

On several of the desks we can find a report on vigilante activity. There will be a report for each of our four playable characters

Locating The Switch To Deactivate The Security Cameras

On the lower ground, in the corner of the room, there will be an open doorway. Just on the wall here there will be a switch that will allow us to deactivate the security cameras.

Head on upstairs to the second floor and we will come across the door leading to the Forensics Wing, unfortunately the door is currently locked and we need the sergeant’s keycard to gain access. The card is back on the lower ground, sitting on one of the desks.


Once you have access to the forensics wing we then need to continue heading towards the morgue. It seems that someone or something has been through here and defeated many of the forensic workers. However, on closer inspection one of them is still alive.

Continue on to witness a scene. We will now have reached our destination.


Finding The Biodecryption Key

Here we can find Langstrom’s body on the table and we will need to inspect him in order to gain some clues. A full guide on this can also be found on the necessary article.

We need to inspect Langstrom’s body in an attempt to find a bio-decryption key. This will involve locating the device that conceals the biodecryption key and the correct sample.

Feel free to inspect both the tray and table and we will find various blood vials, soft tissue samples, urine sample, coroner tools, Langstrom’s phone, blood glucometer, pulse oximeter, MMO Key FOB, medical bracelet, and bloody clothes.

In order to work out which of these items will help us we need to read their descriptions. Blood vials will be a good starting point as they provide blood samples that are useful for biodecryption.

The pulse oximeter is also rather good as it can measure blood pressure, it can be used with the blood glucometer that seems to have a rectangular hole at the bottom, perhaps the pule oximeter is required for this.

First though we will need to use the AR to inspect the blood glucometer and get more information from it. An AR scan reveals that there rectangular hole is actually a slot for a USB. The device also seems to have been modified.

If you also scan the medical bracelet we will get yet more information. It seems that Langstrom’s diabetes condition was not added to the medical bracelet. Thus perhaps he was not telling the truth regarding his true health condition?

There we go we now have our answers. The blood glucometer relates to diabetes as it is generally used by diabetics to measure the glucose in the blood. The medical bracelet does not show any signs of Langstrom having diabetes. Thus the correct answer to the ‘device concealing the biodecryption key’ is the blood glucometer.

As for solving ‘what sample is required to use the biodecryption key’, well we already know that the blood vials provide blood samples that is useful for biodecryption. So simply connect the blood glucometer to it.

The answers to this entire puzzle is both blood vials (blood) and the blood glucometer. Langstrom basically hid the biodecryption key research data in the glucometer that reads his blood. Thus he was never diabetic.

The alarms will now begin to sound, it seems that the officers in the building may now be aware of our presence or rather Talia.


Make your way through the back exit. A scene will then trigger and the room will be swarmed with GCPD officers. Our goal is to exit this entire building.

You do not need to fight any of these officers, simply head straight to the objective marker and exit the building.


Head to the belfry and we will unlock our next tutorial. This tutorial will basically tell us about ending patrols. We will also be able to unlock the fast travel option.

NEXT MISSION: Weird Science


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