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Gotham Knights kicks off with a rather lengthy introduction scene involving Batman (Bruce Wayne) and then our team deciding on what to do next.

The Kirk Langstrom mission is part of the Batman’s Last Case file. It is the first mission within Gotham Knights. It involves searching for a Gotham University professor known as Dr. Kirk Langstrom.


After the introductory scene we can then select our character, we have a total of four characters to choose from. All of whom were close to Batman and Bruce Wayne. All of whom have their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. It really does not matter which character you choose but some of them might play better than others, depending on your overall playstyle.


CHARACTER: Nightwing
REAL NAME: Dick Grayson
CHARACTER PROFICIENCY: Gifted Acrobat, Rapid Combos, Escrima Stick Expert, The Original Robin

REAL NAME: Barbara Gordon
CHARACTER PROFICIENCY: Expert Hacker, Tough as Nails, Single-Target Bruiser

REAL NAME: Jason Todd
CHARACTER PROFICIENCY: Brute Strength, Powerhouse Brawler, Master Marksman

REAL NAME: Tim Drake
CHARACTER PROFICIENCY: Stealth Specialist, Tactical Genius, Bo Staff Prodigy


After selecting your character we will now need to reach the Gotham University Plaza in hopes of finding the university professor, Dr. Kirk Langstrom.

Get a feel for the game before moving on. The right analogue stick moves the camera, whilst the left stick allows us to move around.

For now the path is rather linear so head towards the wooden door and climb to the ledge above. Keep following the path. Quite straight forward.

A scene will then trigger and it seems that someone had got to Dr. Langstrom before us and the EMT are all over it. Not good.

One of our companions will then let us know the location of Langstrom’s office. Our objective after that is to grapple and make our way over to Moulton Hall’s balcony.


Once inside the building we will then need to search for Langstrom’s Office. Head into the open room on the right and we will learn about AR targeting.

Locating The Scratches On The Floor

If you scan this room using the AR Targeting you should be able to locate some scratches on the floor, by the desk. This will create a new trail for us to then follow.

Follow the trail through a set of double doors and down the stairs, into a room that has seen quite a bit of damage. The window is smashed and it is a bit of a mess.

Head towards the window and down below is where Dr. Kirk Langstrom’s office resides. This will be our first crime scene that we need to investigate and solve.


This crime solving section will involve having to scan for clues on what exactly happened to Dr. Langstrom. A full guide on which can be found on the necessary crime article

Start by using the AR and you will be looking for a hidden device underneath the cabinet, on the right, by the wall. This device is actually a hidden mechanism that is connected to a hidden door. We need to find a way to unlock this door.

Turn your attention to the desk on the left (lab workstation). We will get a tutorial on how to Investigate Crime Scenes. Feel free to inspect the desk. We will find a thermostat, microwave, Langstrom’s Tablet, sticky note, and an old movie poster.

Though the movie poster does indeed have numbers on it, these numbers are actually too long to be the code that we are looking for. The only other set of numbers that we can find is on the sticky note (127). Now examine the microwave and you will notice that the display has room for three digits.

We have our answer! Proceed to connect the sticky note with the microwave. We can do this by marking both the microwave and the sticky note. When they have been marked a small yellow question mark will appear on our selected device. Once you have done that go ahead and solve our little puzzle.


Once you have successfully found the correct code to unlock the door we can then proceed and move on. We will eventually come to a strange green room with testing chambers and strange creatures. Feel free to look around.

When you arrive at Langstrom’s desk inspect it to find some tissue samples. Then proceed to inspect the computer desk. Here we will find a hard drive.

Now that we have the hard drive we can then leave the area. As we proceed ever closer to the exit we will then be confronted by some of the Freaks, which is the faction that basically patrol this area. This will always act as a basic tutorial into the combat system.


After you are done dealing with the Freaks we will then need to enter Hummel Hall. Yet more Freaks can be found here. We will now be tasked with eliminating a total of four Freaks that are trying to destroy the building.

Most of the Freaks, if not all, thankfully have their backs towards us and are much to busy with their own work to even notice us. So perform some stealth takedowns and teach them all a lesson.


After eliminating the Freaks inside Hummel Hall we will now need to reach the statue outside, unfortunately there are more Freaks waiting for us outside.

There will be three Freaks outside and we need to eliminate them all. We can even get a bonus if we do all of that without being caught. Take advantage of your grapple and the nearby surroundings.


After dealing with yet more Freaks we will then be tasked with entering Woolfolk Hall. The Freaks will now start to throw fire based projectiles at you so quickly evade those and continue on.

Soon enough we will reach the library. Here the Freaks will have claimed a few hostages. Eliminate the Freaks and rescue the hostages.

A scene involving the Bulldozer will trigger, this is not really a boss but it is a much tougher enemy than we have encountered so far. Perform heavy melee attacks (holding Square – Playstation) in order to make quick work of this guy.

By performing a heavy melee attack the Bulldozer will be temporarily stunned, allowing you to get a few hits in. Eventually though, the enemy will regain himself and cower behind his large shield once again.

The Bulldozer’s abilities include a dash attack where he will run towards you and try to knock you over using his shield.


After taking down the Bulldozer we will then gain access to the Batcycle. As expected this is a much faster mode of transport when compared to just simply grappling around. Thanks to the Batcycle’s GPS we will also be given directions to our next objective.

Just keep driving the Batcycle to your next destination. For now we don’t really have access to the entire city. Some areas are locked off with red invisible barriers. The only time you can actually see these barriers is when you drive through them without realising. At that point you will be given a set time limit in which to correct your course and return back to the mission.

Once you arrive at your destination a scene will trigger and we will finally get our introduction to Alfred, the infamous butler.

We will then get our next tutorial, this time on ability points and the abilities menu. We can also speak with Robin in order to see if he managed to find anything useful back at the quarry.

To proceed and continue we will need to inspect the Batcomputer once again and navigate to the Momentum Abilities section. If you have not already done so. We will now have full access to the Map, Case Files, Challenges, Gear, Database, and Email menu.

Exit the Belfry to complete the Kirk Langstrom case section. Don’t worry we can easily come back to the Batcomputer, we do not need to access this building in order to do that. Simply use the touchpad (Playstation)

The city is now open to us, feel free to explore or continue with the story.


Batman was looking into a Gotham University professor named Dr. Kirk Langstrom. Continue Batman’s investigation.


NEXT MISSION: The Langstrom Drive


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