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The Burning Skies is one of the many optional Favours or Side Quests within (GOW) God Of War Ragnarok. It is also one of the first quests that you will encounter within the Vanaheim and The Crater region.

This specific quest will pit you face to face with a fire breathing dragon known as The Ash Tyrant. During your first encounter you will not be able to actually fight of beat it. All we can do is chase it off and come back to it a bit later.

However, in order to continue pursuing it we will first need to complete the Return Of The River quest. Upon completion we will then be able to take advantage of using nearby boats and docks. Which is essential for this particular quest.

LOCATION: The Sinkholes (Vanaheim)

QUEST NAME: The Burning Skies

REWARDS: Kratos – 1,500 XP and Freya – 375 XP

FAVOUR GIVER: N/A. Simply explore The Sinkholes


Break down the wall that leads to the location of our first encounter with the dragon, The Ash Tyrant. Here we will not be able to fight it properly, not yet anyway.

Instead watch it swoop in from the skies above and be careful not to get burnt in the process. When the dragon lands on top of one of the pillars within the area we will then need to aim and throw a spear at this pillar in order for it to break apart.

That is one pillar destroyed. Still if you look closely and take note there will be a second pillar in the area. Meaning we will need to repeat the same process once again. Wait for the dragon to land on this second pillar and then use the spear to destroy this one too.

With both of the pillar destroyed the dragon will fly off and leave the area altogether. Now in order to continue the pursuit we will need to complete another, separate quest. A quest known as Return Of The River.

By completing that quest we will then be able use the boats and docks. Which is essential to progress this quest. So go and do that and then come back here!

If you head to the nearby Mystic Gateway, the one that is closest to the first encounter that we had with the dragon. You will notice that this is now a boat dock. Great!

Use a boat here and make your way to the left and to the dock inside the area that had our first encounter. Yes, this is how we get to the other side of the area.

Once you arrive at the following dock you will then want to interact and open the gate here. This will then allow us to travel and continue along the river.

Keep going along the river and dock at the next bit of land. Here we will find and encounter The Ash Tyrant once again, there is nothing to be done here though. So ignore it. Whilst we are here look around for a door and proceed through it.

In this next area watch out for the fiend that hides behind the wall to the left. It will try and take you by surprise. Also be careful of The Ash Tyrant who lurks on the other side of this tunnel. The Ash Tyrant will attempt to breath fire through the tunnel on several occasions, this will push you back a bit.

In order to escape this rather small and narrow tunnel you will need to use the spear on the nearby rock wall. We will need to aim at specific sections of this wall, a total of 3 times. Destroy it and continue on.

Defeat the next wave of enemies and climb up the ledge. Again be wary of the dragon opposite you. Here there will be another rock wall that we need to destroy. In doing so we will finally get some respite from the dragon, for now at least.

Now proceed and climb up the wall. In this next are simply continue on and you will come across a stone wall and pillar. Climb up this pillar and we can finally have our final showdown with The Ash Tyrant.

During the actual showdown with The Ash Tyrant you will need to destroy the pillars that it eventually decides to sit on. Just like we did during the first encounter.

Defeat The Ash Tyrant to complete this quest.


Another flying dragon ambushed us as made our way through the sinkholes. Although different from the dragon we encountered while tracking Birgir, we will slay it all the same. If we wish to follow it, we must get through the gate it flew over.

Find a way to the dragon’s lair


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