Halo Infinite – Mission: Excavation Site Walkthrough Guide

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This page is a walkthrough for the Excavation Site mission. It will be covering all available collectibles such as UNSC Audio Logs, Banished Audio Logs, Spartan Audio Logs, Forerunner Archives, and Skulls.

  • PREVIOUS MISSION: Recovery / The Tower
  • AVAILABLE COLLECTIBLES: Spartan Core 2/2, Mjolnir Locker 1/1, Banished Audio Log 1/1, UNSC Audio Log 1/1, Spartan Audio Log 1/1
  • Head to the Excavation Site and you will find a way inside just between the cliffs
  • Making your way to the site you can find a fellow Spartan, not too far from them will be our first collectible (Spartan Core)
  • Head to the site, there are no enemies just yet so feel free to explore. In one of the buildings you can find another Spartan Core
  • Head to the mission objective to reveal a scene and our next boss fight.
  • In order to defeat this laser machine you will need to teleport up inside it, you can use the familiar teleports that are on the machine to do so.
  • Once inside go ahead and activate the mechanical device to disable the drill. Unfortunately things are not quite simple and thus our new objective is to disable the regulators.
  • With that leave the building, there is another collectible out here that we have yet to get. It can be found to the western side of the excavation site
  • Here we can find a Mjolnir Locker (Banished Nameplate)
  • Whilst we are outside we can complete our next mission objective, we need to disable the regulators which can be found hidden around the site. It will be easy to spot them if you scan the area.
  • We then need to destroy the cooling pylons which appear nearby, alongside yet more Banished.
  • After you are done with the regulators and pylons, head back inside the building. We need to disable the drill but before we do so there is a Banished Audio Log (Demon) nearby
  • There is a UNSC Audio Log (She Was Smiling) within here too, it should be easy enough to find considering we are in a linear building and using the scan ability makes it even easier.
  • Our final collectible for the area can be got after completing the mission, so go ahead and disable the drill
  • We now need to deal with Bassus who is fast and can hit hard. However, just use electrical bombs to stun him and nearby Blast and Plasma Coils to remove his tough armor.
  • After the fight we should be good to disable the drill this time around. This will conclude the mission.
  • As for the remaining collectible, that can be found just up the hill
  • The Spartan Audio Log (Home Away From Home) can be found amongst the dead trees.

NEXT MISSION: Conservatory


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