(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – Lens Of Evening (Signals Of The Sun) Guide

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The Signal Towers are optional side activities that involve finding and climbing your way up the Signal Towers in order to find the Signal Device. By doing this we can also unlock one of the Signal Lenses.

This optional activity is also part of the Signals of the Sun side quest, which you can unlock by speaking to Maleev, just north west of Chainscrape.

This specific page will be focusing on Lens Of Evening.


  • The Lens Of Evening tower can be located to the south west of the first section of the map.
  • Here there will be a wall that you will need to climb next to a waterfall.
  • Following this wall will take you into a cave, just continue on and climb back out. Remember to use the Focus mode in order to highlight where you need to go, if you do happen to get lost.
  • Here you will have to fight the Machines if you have yet to do so. This is where we will meet Raynah. Speak to Raynah.
  • After speaking with Raynah use the Pullcaster on the nearby wall, then once again use the Pullcaster on the following wall.
  • Climb on out of the area and head left to find another Pullcaster opportunity.
  • Continue climbing up the tower by grappling onto the next section.
  • When you arrive at the Signal Device interact with it in order to acquire the Lens of Evening


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