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The Relic Ruins are optional side activities that involve solving puzzles and searching through hidden ruins. You can also uncover bonus rewards if you manage to complete the ruin too. Rewards such as Ornaments, metal bones, metal shards and more…

This specific page will be focusing on The Daunt relic ruin.


  • REWARDS: 5000 XP, 2 Skill Points
  • GUIDE:
  • When you arrive at The Daunt ruins your first task that you will want to do is move the crate, this will help you get to the above platform. It is up here where you can find the door that we need to open.
  • Heading past the door, but remembering where it is, run and jump across the wooden walkway.
  • Here you should notice a vent above you, you will want to use the Pullcaster to open it.
  • Next to this vent there is a pole or lever type structure, use the Pullcaster on this too.
  • Now turn around to find the second crate. Now use this crate to reach the pole you just lowered. This will allow you passage and the ability to reach the vent.
  • Follow this vent and then drop down into the underground ruins. Grabbing onto the ledge here will result in the ledge breaking and, basically we cannot go this way.
  • Instead turn your attention to the passageway in this underground ruin, follow this path and you should notice the sunlight trying to get inside.
  • Help the sunlight by using the Pullcaster on the ceiling. This will now give us an exit back out. Head back outside of this underground area.
  • Once back outside search for a wall with a blue mark and use the Pullcaster on it to remove the wall.
  • Now push the nearby crate into the giant hole in the ground and follow it in. You will want to push this crate over to the ledge you stumbled across down here.
  • Now using the crate climb on back outside and we will come to another wooden walkway. It is this wooden walkway that holds the necessary Hotel Room Key
  • Using the Hotel Room Key we should now be able to gain access through the door. If you did not pick up any clues to the code earlier, then the code should be 1705
  • We can now reap our rewards and obtain a Ornament collectible


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