King’s Bounty II – Priceless Chicks (Side Quest) Guide

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King’s Bounty II features many quests and these are usually consisting of either main story quests or side quests. With the former being mandatory to continue on with the game. The quests are also usually marked on the map

Anyway this specific page will focus on the Priceless Chicks (Side Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: Priceless Chicks
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • LOCATION: Marcella
  • QUEST GIVER: Gallin
  • PREREQUISITE: The Cold Shoulder
  • REWARDS: 1,000 Gold, 50XP (Main Reward) / 50 Gold, 150XP, Resolve Scroll, 18 Mana (Extra Optional Reward)
  • GUIDE:
  • After completing the The Cold Shoulder side quest we will now have the ability to explore the city of Marcella, which opens up a ton of new side quests for us to find and complete. One of which is Priceless Chicks
  • In order to unlock this one we will need to speak to Gallin, who is by the various merchant stalls
  • Apparently Gallin is missing his green-feathered Illyrian Chicks, chances are you have crossed paths with these earlier whilst just randomly exploring.
  • Now there is a total of 4 Illyrian Chicks to find altogether and you can also get a bonus reward too (though that is optional)
  • Anyway from Gallin head right and follow the path a bit in order to find a man sitting on a barrel, there is actually a chicken inside this barrel so we will need to somehow move him if we want to get it hmm..
  • Speak to Cutter and get his side of the story. It seems he decided to take the chick as payment
  • We now need to go and find and speak to Prim
  • Prim can be found in Upper Marcella
  • After speaking to Prim we will now unlock some optional paths that we can now take


  • The easiest and quickest way to end this section of the quest is to choose this option
  • Simply return back to Cutter and choose the option to attack him
  • Cutter is level 3 so he shouldn’t be too much of a problem. He comes fighting with mainly Brigands and Deserters
  • For completing the fight you will be rewarded with 50 Gold, Resolve Scroll, and 18 Mana
  • The chick will then be standing next to the barrel


  • From Prim continue up the hill and then turn left and up the stairs
  • Then head right and up the next set of stairs
  • Here you should be able to spot Tweet
  • After telling Tweet about Cutter he will agree to help you and will go and speak to Cutter about the whole ordeal
  • He will also give you 50 Gold for the trouble
  • Return back to Cutter and he will reluctantly let you have the chick
  • The chick will now be automatically added to your collection.


  • This next Illyrian chick can be found in Upper Marcella, chances are you ran past it if you chose to speak to Tweet during the Cutter ordeal


  • This Illyrian chick can be found in the Upper Marcella. It is by the guarded gate and water-well


  • This final Illyrian chick can be found standing next to the large mana crystal, again in the Upper Marcella
  • Once you have successfully collected all 4 Illyrian chicks return back to Gallin in order to complete the quest



  • Find the Illyrian Chicks 4/4
  • Discuss Cutter with Prim
  • Deal with Cutter and his gang (Optional)
  • Talk to Magistrate Tweet (Optional)
  • Take the chick from Cutter
  • Return the chicks to Gallin


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