King’s Bounty II – The Cold Shoulder (Main Story Quest) Guide

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King’s Bounty II features many quests and these are usually consisting of either main story quests or side quests. With the former being mandatory to continue on with the game. The quests are also usually marked on the map

Anyway this specific page will focus on the The Cold Shoulder (Main Story Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: The Cold Shoulder
  • QUEST TYPE: Main Quest
  • LOCATION: Albian Highlands
  • QUEST GIVER: Main Story. Unmissable.
  • PREREQUISITE: The Ruins Of New Hope
  • NEXT QUEST: Seeds of Betrayal, Conspirator’s House
  • REWARDS: 5,000 Gold, 200XP
  • GUIDE:
  • As you continue your journey towards the Batille Gates you will encounter a fight against some thugs, one of which includes a large bear.
  • After the fight you will be rewarded with 164 Gold, 16 Mana, and Healing 1. You will also find out that the Bear you just fought was actually a man named Fabian. Talking to Fabian will unlock the Witch Stone side quest
  • Anyway continue on and you will come across a bridge, this bridge will actually lead to Batille Gates. We made it!
  • However, something is not right here. There are no guards and the place seems empty. Where is everyone?
  • Before we continue on, if you look to the right you should notice a cart
  • Sitting on top of this cart will be a Key
  • This key can be used on the gate to the right
  • In here you will find some loot (Gold Toy Soldier, Venomous Skull 1, Carved Dragon Tooth, 5 Mana, and Nostrian Sword)
  • You can also find a Elevator Lever
  • Take this Elevator Lever and head into the room opposite, this room should have a large waterwheel in it
  • Place this Elevator Lever into the waterwheel, this will raise a platform. Sitting on this platform is a loot chest containing (525 Gold, Summon Scroll, and Warrior’s Gloves)
  • Now go ahead and speak to Ancel who will be just as confused as we are as to where the guard have gone to. He will also give us a scroll of Healing
  • Now proceed to ring the bell on the right side in order to progress with the story
  • We will now be forced to fight a bunch of deserters. For winning the fight you will be rewarded with 391 Gold, 26 Mana, and Weakness 1 Scroll
  • A cinematic will now play out involving a strange mysterious man and a dragon.
  • After the cinematic we will now be in Marcella. In order to continue we now need to speak to Prince Adrian who is standing to the right side of the room, by the throne
  • Apparently Prince Adrian freed us from the prison in order to ask for our help, an issue over at the Magefactory has arisen. As the King is currently sick Prince Adrian cannot handle the matter himself and so the task is in our hands
  • We now need to speak to Counsellor Montier who is standing amongst the group in the middle. Turns out the deserters that attacked us wanted to use us in order to reach the King. We will then get the location to their hideout
  • To end the quest proceed and speak to Bardolf who is standing by the stairs opposite the throne, after this leave the room altogether.


The Road to Marcella –

I need to go through the old fortress, known as the Batille Gates. Ancel and his people will escort me. I hope at least this part of our journey goes smoothly…

The Cold Shoulder

  • Reach the Batille Gates
  • Find the Batille Gates guards
  • Ring the bell
  • Fight your way through the assassins
  • Talk to Prince Adrian
  • Talk to Counsellor Montier
  • Collect your reward from Bardolf
  • Leave the Throne Room


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