King’s Bounty II – Witch Stone (Side Quest) Guide

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King’s Bounty II features many quests and these are usually consisting of either main story quests or side quests. With the former being mandatory to continue on with the game. The quests are also usually marked on the map

Anyway this specific page will focus on the Witch Stone (Side Quest)

  • QUEST NAME: Witch Stone
  • QUEST TYPE: Side Quest
  • LOCATION: Albian Highlands
  • QUEST GIVER: Fabian
  • PREREQUISITE: Ruins Of New Hope
  • NEXT QUEST: The Cold Shoulder
  • REWARDS: 100XP, Magical Rosary
  • GUIDE:
  • At the end of the Ruins Of New Hope quest and as you head towards the Batille Gates, you will be attacked by a group of thugs, one of which includes a Bear.
  • After the fight you will find out that the Bear you just fought was a man named Fabian, who claims that a witch named Amarantha is to blame for the attack. That she controls him.
  • We will now need to chase the refugee, Fabian.
  • You can begin chasing him through the open gate arch here. You should just about be able to spot him running off
  • However, before continuing to pursue him and heading through the hole in the wall. Turn right to find some loot (Bottle of Aqvus and 17 Gold)
  • Now continue through the hole in the wall and straight into the portal. This portal will take us to Fabian who has now decided to stop running
  • We will now learn more about this Amarantha, that she used to study under the powerful Archmage, Navedes. Now she feeds on the souls of the innocent. So our task is to basically stop her!
  • In order to reach her though, we will need to activate a magical crystal. You can find this magical crystal just North of you hovering in the air (it is hard to miss really)
  • However in order to activate it we will need to find and collect Magical Crystals
  • These Magical Crystals will then need to be placed on the stone pedestal, by the praying statues
  • The first Magical Crystal sits next to Fabian by the stone pedestal
  • The second Magical Crystal can be found by the campfire
  • Continue along the path now and head up the stairs
  • The third and final Magical Crystal can be found up here
  • You can also find a large mana crystal here too, alongside some loot which contains (Gold Ingot, Venomous Skull 1, 184 Gold). If you activate this large mana crystal you will receive 50 mana
  • Anyway the final Magical Crystal is here next to the stone pedestal
  • Placing this Magical Crystal into the final pedestal will grant you access to the next area
  • Head into this next area and continue to follow the path, it will take you to Amarantha
  • Interact with the rune in order to initiate conversation
  • Amarantha will realise that you are an intruder and form another rune around her, attack it.
  • By attacking the rune you will automatically be teleported to another area, here we can fight Amarantha properly.
  • After the fight you will be rewarded with 511 Gold, 18 Mana, and Burning Ray 1
  • We will now be teleported back to the area where we first met Amarantha. You can now find Fabian standing here
  • Report to Fabian to complete the quest



  • Chase down the refugee
  • Open the door to the upper fort
  • Find the witch
  • Fight Amarantha’s army
  • Tell Fabian he is free
  • Leave the Witch Stone


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