Lost Judgment – The Forbidden Taste (Side Case Quest) Guide

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One of the many side quests or side cases as this game calls them, that you can complete is The Forbidden Taste. This specific quest involves befriending cats

Side Cases can be found and completed in both Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho. Simply head to the bulletin board in Yokohama 99 or find them on the map

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • CASE QUEST NAME: The Forbidden Taste
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • QUEST GIVER: Joe Koike
  • LOCATION: Yokohama 99
  • REWARDS: 100,000 Yen, 5,000 SP, Book of the Ravenous
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Yokohama 99 in order to collect this one
  • After picking up the quest, head to Chinatown and more specifically the Meng Wu restaurant
  • Here speak to the man sitting at the table, he is our client Joe Koike. Apparently Joe is an international ramen researcher who wants more information on the phantom ramen stall
  • Next head to Gull Alley
  • Listen in on the men here who are talking about the phantom ramen stall, apparently one of their cats showed them the location to the place
  • Then head around the corner to find yet more people talking about the phantom ramen stall, you will find out that the place only appears on a night
  • Head to Chinatown and to the South East, there will be more people talking about the mysterious ramen shop
  • We will now learn more about the stall…
  • After getting all of the Intel return back to Meng Wu restaurant and speak to Joe Koike
  • We will now have to tell Joe about what we know regarding the ramen stall, choose the following options
  • Stall that Only Appears at Night (bottom option)
  • Guided by a cat (top option)
  • Cat Broth (option on the right)
  • We are now tasked with trying to bond with some nearby cats
  • If you head to the dead end, a little South of the restaurant you should spot a cat. There are actually a few here but you are looking for a cat that is on its own.
  • Head to the local Poppo store and purchase some cat food (Buy a few tins)
  • Return to the cat and choose to give it some food. Unfortunately, the cat is a bit hesitant at first and opts to run off
  • A man named Nekomiya will now arrive and try to give Yagami some advice, such as giving the cat a name
  • Not too far from your current location is a bunch of cats, you can try naming these ones first. Pick whichever name you want, you will be given a choice of either Buddy, Princess, or Shadow. This will then raise your feline reputation. Remember to write these names down
  • You will then need to find more cats to bond with, one of which can be found near Tsurukame Bridge
  • Pick whichever name you want, this time we will get the option of either Champ, Honey, or Baby
  • Now that we have at least two cats named and bonded, we can then leave the area (get into a fight) and then return to them.
  • Unfortunately, the area you just visited may have different cats. The same ones do not necessarily return all of the time. If this happens then simply give them a name, leave the area (get into a fight) and then return.
  • Soon enough after revisiting the same spot a few times, the cat you just bonded with will be there. Simply remember what you named it
  • We will now be able to feed the cat, alongside pet it and stare affectionately too. For the purpose of this guide, choose to Offer food
  • Continue to repeat these steps until you have managed to fully bond with a cat
  • Once you have fully bonded with a cat, you will then be rewarded with the Book of the Brink skill book.
  • (NOTE: The Book of the Brink is a reward for befriending the cats on Tsurukame Bridge ONLY)
  • We will now need to wait until nightfall to continue with the case. So either rest on the couch (Premium Adventure) or wait until the main story hits nightfall. From a personal perspective, playing in Premium Adventure allows for so much more flexibility as all of the cases are unlocked and changing the day cycle becomes so much more easier. To unlock Premium Adventure you will need to complete the main story.
  • When nightfall arrives you will then be greeted by one of the adorable kitties
  • The four pawed wonder of the world will then take you to the mysterious phantom ramen stall. Also, yes Joe is correct cats are gods.
  • Anyway, after the next scene the case will then close.


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