Lost Judgment – All Side Cases / Quests (Elementary, My Dear) Guide List

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One of the many optional tasks that can be found and completed in Lost Judgment are the side cases or side quests. You can begin doing this as soon as you arrive on Chapter 3 – Two Sides of the Same Coin

You can then either accept quests through either the bulletin board that is found in Yokohama 99 or on the map itself. Completing them will earn you the trophy achievements On the Case, Private Eye, and Elementary, My Dear. There is a total of 54 different quests to complete altogether

Below is a list of available quests that you can find and complete…


1Skateboard Detective Vs The Reseller
2The Falling Man
21Dastardly Detective: Introduction
17A New Partner?
3The Cafe Robber
4Trying The Patience Of A Saint
22Dastardly Detective: The Wandering Bug
23Dastardly Detective: Grasping Attention
9The Body Model Walks At Night!!!
12Paradise VR Unlocked
11The Forbidden Taste
31Squirrels Just Want To Have Fun
32Big Squirrels Don’t Cry
5Where Is The Time Capsule?
6Where The Kappa Roam
10Dueling Dojos
8The Invisible Burglar
7The SRC’s Hunt For The Truth
15Extracting The Past
16Extracting The Truth
14Let The Drones Fly!
18The Chaos of the Masked Writer
19Flight Of The Game Creator
20A Particularly Hardcore Demo Event
24Dastardly Detective: Before the Torch Burns Out
25Dastardly Detective: The Eavesdropping Wallet
34My First Errand


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