Lost Judgment – The Falling Man (Side Case Quest) Guide

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One of the many side quests or side cases as this game calls them, that you can complete is The Falling Man. This specific quest involves having to rescue a man who is about to fall

Side Cases can be found and completed in both Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho. Simply head to the bulletin board in Yokohama 99 or find them on the map

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • CASE QUEST NAME: The Falling Man
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Two Sides Of The Same Coin
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A Automatic. Part of the main story.
  • LOCATION: Yokohama Blvd – Isezaki Ijincho
  • REWARDS: 30,000 Yen, 3,500 SP
  • GUIDE:
  • This specific side quest will trigger automatically during Chapter 3 – Two Sides Of The Same Coin, it is basically a tutorial quest on how to use the Noise Amp
  • Anyway head to Yokohama Blvd and get out the Noise Amp, which you can do by pressing the R3 button and cycling across to the gadget you want to use
  • When you arrive at Yokohama Blvd head towards the large building with the green balcony
  • Here point your Noise Amp towards these green balconies until you get a signal. Focus on this signal to hear a man screaming for help
  • We will now spot a man who is about to fall off a building
  • In order to rescue him we will need to climb the wall, thankfully we are automatically taken to his location. So there is no need to work out where he is exactly.
  • Once you have successfully rescued him you will then need to work out how he got on top of the building to begin with. It does not matter what option you choose as you will end up burning them all out anyway
  • Remember in order to begin climbing walls you will need to press the circle and directional stick buttons (Playstation), climbing is quite simple really and those are your key buttons whilst doing so.
  • Yagami will still think that this guy is being rather shady and that it has nothing to do with birdwatching. So you will now want to go behind the man in order to find something strange in one of his back pockets, examine it to end the quest.


I think I hear the groaning of the Chatter-famous Arachnid Man above me. Gotta try out those gadgets Tsukumo gave me and investigate where the voice is coming from.

There’s a man hanging on the wall of that apartment building! He looks like he’s about to fall.. I should help him!


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