Lost Judgment – Let The Drones Fly! (Side Case Quest) Guide

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One of the many side quests or side cases as this game calls them, that you can complete is Let The Drones Fly!. This specific quest involves unlocking the Drone mini-game

Side Cases can be found and completed in both Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho. Simply head to the bulletin board in Yokohama 99 or find them on the map

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • CASE QUEST NAME: Let The Drones Fly!
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 3 – Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • QUEST GIVER: Drone Race Receptionist
  • LOCATION: West Carriage Hwy
  • REWARDS: 20,000 Yen, 3,000 SP, Drone mini-game unlocked
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to West Carriage Hwy (North West) of the map and you should instantly trigger the required scene, at which point the side case will now be active. When this occurs, head inside the football / soccer field
  • Here speak to the man in blue (Guy with Crew Cut) and he will mention about drone racing.
  • After the initial conversation, go ahead and speak to the female receptionist here. When prompted choose to try out the test flight
  • Pick any race course, it does not matter which.
  • Complete the race to finish the side case
  • You will be given 20,000 Yen and 3,000 SP for taking part in the drone race. This will also complete the drone racing tutorial


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