Lost Judgment – The Cafe Robber (Side Case Quest) Guide

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One of the many side quests or side cases as this game calls them, that you can complete is The Cafe Robber. This specific quest involves investigating a potential robbery

Side Cases can be found and completed in both Isezaki Ijincho and Kamurocho. Simply head to the bulletin board in Yokohama 99 or find them on the map

Below is a simple guide on how to complete this one..

  • CASE QUEST NAME: The Cafe Robber
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – Red Knife
  • QUEST GIVER: N/A Triggers Automatically
  • LOCATION: Tenkaichi Street
  • REWARDS: 4,000 SP, 50,000 Yen, Extract Recipe: Smoke Bomb Tactic
  • GUIDE:
  • Head to Tenkaichi Street in order to trigger a scene that involves a robbery, apparently there is a movie being filmed here
  • Go to the menu and open up Buzz Researcher
  • Here search for the keyword Robbery and Office Alone 4
  • We will now get a new case file on Nakamichi St. Entrance, head there. It will take you to Cafe Alps
  • We now need to head into Observation Mode and read the sign on the door
  • On the back of this door sign, in very small letters, will be the words SOS
  • Lock pick the door open
  • Inside the building collect the Pebble
  • Then inspect the boxes here, choose to hide in the box
  • We will then need to sneak up to the robber, if you get caught you will then need to fight him
  • A chase will then begin as the robber tries to flee


Sounds like some kind of robbery’s going on in Alps… Something tells me this isn’t a movie shoot. I ought to check it out. Maybe I should make an Observation of the entrance of the place


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