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This puzzle can be found when you gain entry into the attic. The attic is located in the main living room with the TV. Here we will be able to pull down a set of ladders and climb up into the actual attic.

Once inside the attic we will find several pictures on the wall, this is actually one of the many puzzles that needs solving within MADiSON.

This particular puzzle not only involves having to position the various pictures properly but it also relates to numbers and we will have to do a bit of maths.

When you first enter the attic we will be able to collect 2 of the 4 necessary pictures. One of them will already be on the wall, whilst the other can be found on the floor in the corner of the room.

Our goal now is to go and find the other pictures. As said we have 2 more left to find. Both of which will come after having successfully completed the Solar Medallion puzzle

The Solar Medallion puzzle involving trying to collect various solar medallions and placing them in a specific order.

Once you have managed to get all of the solar medallions, stay at the projector screen room and we can then navigate to the next required picture.

The next picture can be found by going down the rather red hallway next to the projector room. Here we can find a room that leads to Grandpa’s office. The next picture is here on the wall, take it and let us continue on.

The final picture that we need comes after completing the solar medallion puzzle by the wash room sink. Next to this room there will be a boarded up doorway, use an axe to remove the wooden planks. We should now have all 4 pictures, so let us return back to the attic to complete the rest of the puzzle.

Once you are back inside the attic we can then go ahead and check for a gap in the wall, this gap will reveal an important number.

This number may be random for you, as a lot of the puzzles within MADiSON actually are. For me the number was 43. Now whatever number it was for you we need to remember it, it is very important. Write the number down if need be.

Another clue to how we can solve this puzzle can be found by examining a picture next to the attic ladders. This picture will read the following; ”Age is just a number, you can add or subtract, but at the end of the day, when the time comes, you die, anyways”. This basically means we will now need to do a bit of maths to find out the next part of the puzzle, this particular maths puzzle will be limited to either subtraction or adding.

Now take a photograph of the walls that require pictures and we will get a photo that reveals a certain number. This number is also important.

Now if you inspect one of the collected pictures that you got there will be some writing on the back of each one. This writing will also reveal a number.

Now using all of the numbers that we have collected, the one from behind the wall and the ones found in the pictures and the photo that you took. All of this must either be added or subtracted and have a result that resembles the number found behind the wall.

So an example would be that for me the number behind the wall was 43. Whilst the photograph that I took came to the number 10. Now our goal here is to make the number 43 by either subtracting or adding. Using the number 10 we now need to use one of the collected pictures that we found. On the back of these collected pictures there needs to be a number that when added or subtracted to the number 10, makes the number 43.

So thankfully one of these collected pictures shows someone being the age of 33 years old, so 33 add 10 comes to the answer of 43.

We need to do this with all of the collected pictures, remember we can only either subtract or add. It must come to whatever number was behind the wall. Every time you take a photograph of the wall the number shown will be different.

After you have completed and placed all of the collected pictures, we can then inspect the area behind the wall again. This will allow us to progress on.


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