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This is yet another puzzle that you will come across during your adventures through the world of MADiSON. This time we will be playing around with coloured candles and exploring the Biblical Art Mazes.

This puzzle should not be that difficult, it will involve having to place the candles in their correct colour coded locations and doing a bit of time traveling.


When we first arrive at the Biblical Art Maze it will feel as though we have entered a dead end. However, ignore that for now as we have some things to collect first.

Before heading into the darkened archway we can find several things of interest, one of which is vital if we wish to proceed with this particular puzzle.

On the ground here we can find a Biblical Art Mazes leaflet. Whilst just next to it we can find the much needed yellow candle. Now we can head through the darkened archway.

Whilst trying to navigate our way through the darkened archway we will come across a room, which also feels like a bit of a dead end. However, it is important to notice the wall here reads 1987.


It is important to make note of the wall reading 1987 as we will want to take a photograph of this. In doing so we will now be teleported to the year 1987.

However, 1987 is a boring year so go ahead and take a photograph of the 1951 sign and we will travel to 1951 instead. Much better.

When you arrive in 1951 we will be able to collect the blue candle. Once you have the candle we can then exit via the nearby door.


We will now find ourselves inside a church (St Jupiter Cathedral). Now whilst inside this church it is important to point out that these hallways are actually colour coded, meaning they have certain coloured lighting. This is very important to remember as we progress on.

Anyway head through the next hallway, which is rather bright and yellow. Here we can check out the mini display stands. These basically relate to the various pictures that we can find. These said pictures are also very important as they will hint as to what type of candle we will need to place next to them.

One of these display stands will read the following; ‘The color of the sky, the color of the sea, the color of Mary’s tears‘. Whilst the other one will read ‘The color of light, the color of the sun, the color of our father Lord

Unfortunately the door next to us is locked so let us trace our steps back to the main hall once again. Now if you head towards the seating area you will notice that there is yet another hallway we can go down. Proceed down the yellow hallway.


Following this new yellow hallway we will reach a bunch of pictures on the wall. These pictures actually look like the ones by the display stands.

Now if you cast your mind back to the actual display stands and where we first saw this picture you should hopefully remember what this one said. It is a huge hint as to what coloured candle it is asking for. If you cannot remember what was written on the picture then it was the following; ‘The color of light, the color of the sun, the color of our father Lord

Now using this hint and the fact that we are in the yellow hallway, we should now know what coloured candle this particular picture is asking for. If not then the answer is the yellow candle


Now return to the main hall once again and this time head down the more blue coloured hallway. This time we have to put a candle to the other picture that was by the display stand.

This particular picture had the following written on it; ‘The color of the sky, the color of the sea, the color of Mary’s tears‘. Again the colour of the hallway is also a dead give away. This time we want the blue candle


Once again head back to the main hall and now in order to collect the next candle (Green) we will want to listen to the confession. We will need to listen to the entire confession.

You can escape the confession when you see the words ‘On Earth as it is in Heaven…’, it is basically the Lord’s prayer. At this point exit the confession to find a note on the floor. This note will read the following; ‘He is here’

With the note having been read we will now want to head to the seating area in order to find the Green Candle.

(Note: We can actually unlock the He is Here trophy achievement now)


Now in order to continue with this puzzle we will have to return back to the teleport room and this time we need to take a photograph of the 1987 sign. This will then allow us to travel to the year 1987

From there head straight into the hallway opposite. Here we will have two more pictures to remember. The first one reads; ‘The color of life, the color of peace, the color of our little angels‘. Whilst the other reads ‘The color of death, the color of wine, the color of Jesus’ blood

Now continue on through the doorway and up the stairs in order to find the red candle


Return to the main hall and follow the seating area and head through the red coloured hallway. As this is the red hallway we will need to select the red candle

The correct picture for this one is the picture that matches the ‘The color of death, the color of wine, the color of Jesus’ blood; description. So basically the picture of the Lord, Jesus.


At this point you should be well aware of what colour candle we need to use here. (hint; it is the green candle)

Also, since we have already solved one of the previous two pictures it should be relatively easy to work out what picture needs this green candle. (hint; it matches the ‘The color of life, the color of peace, the color of our little angels‘ description.


After you have successfully solved the final candle puzzle the bell will then begin to ring. The bell is our next destination, we found it whilst collecting the red candle.

Here, just below the bell we will find a key


After getting the key from the bell room we will then need to travel back to the year 1951. When we arrive we can then use our new key to unlock the door to the confession room.

Inside the confession room we will find a plaque with the name Hans Goring written on it.


After getting the plaque from the confession room we will then want to do yet more time travelling, this time we want to return to the year 1987.

Now that we are back in 1987, we will then want to head to the seating area in order to inspect the coffin. It will be the coffin of Madison Hale.

Apparently the ‘i’ is missing from her plaque. We should have collected the Letter ”i” along with the Hans Goring plaque back at the confession room. Insert the Letter ”i”

This basically concludes the puzzle. Feel free to examine the fallen remains of the coffin and exit through the nearby door.

The door will lead to a hallway, which at first will feel like a confusing dead end but just keep running up and down the area and trying to open the doors. There is no escape. You just have to keep trying to escape regardless until the game is ready to proceed.


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