MADiSON – He Is Here (Let Hans Kill You) Trophy Achievement Guide

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He Is Here is one of the many trophies and achievements that can be unlocked during MADiSON. It basically requires the main protagonist being killed by Hans.

In order to unlock this specific trophy achievement we will need to be quite far into the game. We need to be at the part where we will be tasked with solving a puzzle involving candles

When you arrive at the church (St Jupiter Cathedral) we will need to solve a puzzle involving candles. This basically means that we will have to teleport to various different years and eras.

Anyway continue on through this puzzle until you have solved the blue, red, and yellow candles, from there we will then need to find and collect the green candle.

In order to get the green candle we will have to travel to the year 1951, where we will then need to listen in on the confession (Lord’s prayer) until we find a note on the floor. This note will read ‘He is here’

The green candle will then appear by the seating area, take it. Then immediately after we can then start making our way down the green hallway.

Explore the green hallway, heading straight to the pictures here at the actual end of the hallway. From there we will simply then want to turn around and exit the hallway.

As we exit the green hallway Hans will start to show up, simply walk around the seating area in the main room and eventually Hans will make his move.

Once Hans eventually makes his final move the trophy achievement will then pop.


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