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The clock room is where we can solve one of the many puzzles within the game. In order to unlock the room we will need to obtain the Clock Key.

From there we can then unlock the room full of clocks and begin our next puzzle. This one will require a lot of running around and time solving.


Use the Clock Key in order to open the clock room door. We can find the Clock Key on the fifth floor and by taking a photograph of the mirror. Once inside the clock room proceed down the stairs

Our first objective is to go ahead and unlock the drawer using the Bolt Cutters. Inside there will be a very important notepad.

This notepad will reveal the combination to a safe, well half of the combination anyway. Our job now is to go and find the other half.


In order to find the other half of the combination we will need to exit the clock room, then head right. In the opposite direction of the living room.

Here, right next door to the clock room there will be another room, head inside. This is the bathroom. The other half of the combination is located on the shelving. We should now have the full combination for the safe, so lets go and find this safe next.

In order to find the safe simply head through the living room and make your way to the projector that was part of the Solar Medallion puzzle


In the projector room there will be a red hallway, head down here. Down here we can find Grandpa’s Office. The safe is in here.

Unlock the safe using the combination from the notebooks. The combination might be random for you (some puzzles in MADiSON are random). The combination for me was 9 LEFT, 11 RIGHT, 5 LEFT

Inside the safe will be a clock face (which reads 6:40), we need this so make sure to take it with you.


Head back to the clock room and if you look around carefully you will notice that these walls all read a certain time, the time we are looking for is 6:40. So find the wall of clocks that all read 6:40.

On further inspection however, despite there being many clocks that all read 6:40, there will be one clock that does not match the rest. Meaning that there is a clock that seems to be a bit of a odd one out. Find this clock and replace it with the clock face we just found inside the safe.

We now need to repeat this with all of the other walls in here too. So let us find the other clock faces and then replace the odd one out.


Staying in the clock room you will notice that the northern clock all read 1:30, except for one of course. So let us find the correct clock face so we can replace it with the wrong one.

Exit the clock room and head into the kitchen and dining room, from there make your way into the storage room.

From the storage room there will be a picture hallway with a clock in here. This clock holds the clock face that we need.

Insert the clock face that we just got from the 6:40 wall. Then return to the clock room and proceed to fix the 1:30 wall.

That is two walls down, two more left to go.


This next wall will read 12:25, except for one clock that wants to be a bit different. Let us go and find this clock face!

Proceed to exit the clock room and make your way through the living room, from there continue on towards the projector room.

Keep going and head down the red hallway, just outside of Grandpa’s Office is the clock face that we need. Replace this one with the one we just got and then make your way back to the clock room.

Back at the clock room go ahead and fix the 12:25 wall.


This final wall will be a rather small one. It is located next to the stairs and will all read 7:45, except the odd one out, yeah you know the drill by now.

We can find this final clock face up in the attic, where it will be sitting on top of a small box on the floor. Inspect it and insert the other clock face into it. We will then get the new and correct clock face in return.

Head to the clock room and solve the 7:45 wall.


Now that all of the walls have been solved we can now concentrate on trying to open the door here.

In order to open this door we have to take a photograph of it as the screen begins to flicker, time it correctly and the door will automatically open. Allowing us to now proceed.


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