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Taking and collecting photographs plays a massive part within MADiSON. In fact if we manage to collect all of the red photographs we will be rewarded with a trophy achievement

Red is one of the many trophies and achievements within MADiSON, it requires us to find every red collectible. There is a total of 20 red collectibles to be found altogether

The red collectibles are basically red photographs, so they stand out more than the rest. They can be found on the various walls and ceilings. When you manage to spot one you will need to take a photograph of it, only when you manage to find and take a photograph of this red photo does it actually count.

(Note: We can also get the Professional Photographer trophy achievement if we also collect the blue photographs too)

In this guide we will show you the locations to all 20 red photo collectibles

GUIDE: Head to the kitchen and dining room. This first one is located on the ceiling of the kitchen. Take a photo of it

LOCATION: Generator Room
GUIDE: Head to the generator room and you will find this one on the wall

LOCATION: Living Room Hallway
GUIDE: Head towards the attic. This one is located on the ceiling behind the ladders leading to the attic. As this area is rather dark you will just have to take a photo and hopefully you will have captured the red photo. It is a bit tricky to spot in the dark. It is actually just above the doorway.

LOCATION: Bathroom
GUIDE: Head to the bathroom next to the kitchen and dining room. Again it will be a rather dark room and difficult to spot. However, you can find this red photo next to the bath tub.

GUIDE: Complete the well and padlock puzzle, then continue down the actual well. We will then be further underground.

There will be several pillars down here, one of which will have our red photo.

GUIDE: Head to the bedroom next to the kitchen and dining room. You will find it just behind the door.

LOCATION: Bathroom
GUIDE: From the main living room continue down into a hallway, where the statue and projector room are located.

Here we can find a bathroom, it is just before you reach the projector. The red photo is just above the bathroom doorway.

GUIDE: After solving the attic pictures puzzle we will then be able to continue through a red door. We will then be in a very narrow hallway with handprints all across the walls.

Continue on down this hallway, right to the end and you will find this next red picture.

LOCATION: Graveyard
GUIDE: This one is at the graveyard, it resides on a gravestone next to the wall.

LOCATION: St Jupiter Cathedral – Well
GUIDE: After falling down the well in the graveyard, we will then be at the St Jupiter Cathedral. Once you gain control after the fall be sure to inspect the rubble on the right, the red picture is on a pillar here.

LOCATION: St Jupiter Cathedral
GUIDE: Whilst you are exploring the St Jupiter Cathedral go ahead and travel to the year 1987, we can do this by taking a photograph of the 1987 sign.

From there make your way to the bell tower. The red photo is on the bell.

LOCATION: St Jupiter Cathedral
GUIDE: Whilst you are exploring the St Jupiter Cathedral we will now need to travel to the year 1951. Here we can find a confessionary.

The red photo can be found next to the confessionary, by the bench.

GUIDE: Returning to the attic after you are done exploring the cathedral, head through the red door. The red photo will be on the wall with all of the pictures.

LOCATION: Basement
GUIDE: This one can be found after collecting the red key. When you have the key make your way to the basement and head through the red door.

The red door will lead to some kind of storage room full of shelving. If you look closely at these shelving you will notice a few boxes sitting on them, one of these boxes has the red photo.

LOCATION: Stairs Landing
GUIDE: In order to collect this next one we need to unlock the door using the two triangle keys. The triangle key door leads to a set of stairs, hence ‘stairs landing’. It can be found by passing through the storage room of the kitchen and dining area.

Once you have the door unlocked, you can then find the red photo near the wooden pallet on the floor.

LOCATION: Mausoleum
GUIDE: At the mausoleum head to the second floor and you will find this red collectible on a pillar. It is quite high up on the pillar, so aim high!

LOCATION: Mausoleum
GUIDE: Whilst riding the elevator between both floors 3-4, you should spot this one on the wall. As we will still be riding in the elevator as the red collectible swings by you will need to keep an eye out and be ready.

LOCATION: Clock Room
GUIDE: After your visit to the mausoleum we should now be able to make our way to the clock room. This can be collected after solving the clock room puzzle

From there the collectible can be found on the side of one of the clocks. It will be on the wall of clocks that read 12:25.

GUIDE: Back at the dining room and kitchen area there will be a locked cupboard next to the fridge. In order to open this cupboard we need to use the Bolt Cutters.

Inside this cupboard will be our delightful picture that we need.

LOCATION: Dad’s Room
GUIDE: For this final red collectible we need to acquire the key to dad’s room, this can be found after unlocking the red safe.

You can then find dad’s room by heading towards the projector screen room. However, just before the actual projector room there will be a locked door. This locked door leads to dad’s room.

Whilst in dad’s room we can find the red picture on the ceiling.

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