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Taking and collecting photographs plays a massive part within MADiSON. In fact if we manage to collect all of the blue photographs we will be rewarded with a trophy achievement

Blue is one of the many trophies and achievements within MADiSON, it requires us to find every blue collectible. There is a total of 5 blue collectibles to be found altogether

The blue collectibles are basically blue photographs, so they stand out more than the rest. They can be found on the various walls and ceilings. When you manage to spot one you will need to take a photograph of it, only when you manage to find and take a photograph of this blue photo does it actually count.

(Note: We can also get the Professional Photographer trophy achievement if we also collect the red photographs too)

We can begin searching for the blue coloured photographs after you have released Blue Knees. This takes place when we find ourselves trapped in the book. We will find this book after we have acquired the key to dad’s room.

In this guide we will show you the locations to all 5 blue photo collectibles

LOCATION: Bulletin Board
GUIDE: Now that we are trapped inside the book everything will seem a bit different. Take the layout of the building for example.

Anyway you will find this first one inside the room that was once the clock room. You can find this room by heading to the living room and heading through the door here. The blue photo is on the bulletin board

GUIDE: This next blue collectible is located in a hallway. We can get there by heading to what was the dad’s room. Here there will be a sofa next to two other doorways.

Head down the hallway opposite this sofa, with the plates on the wall. The blue collectible is located on the wall to the left.

LOCATION: Candle Room
GUIDE: Head through the living room and towards where the attic should be, now the kitchen is usually here but hey we are currently trapped inside a book.

Due to the kitchen now having been replaced, you will find a doorway to the left. Inside this room there will be a bunch of candles.

The blue collectible is on one of the wooden beams on the ceiling.

LOCATION: Living Room
GUIDE: This next blue collectible is located in the living room. Here in the living room there will be a statue. The blue collectible is on this statue.

GUIDE: Head to the attic, which is apparently on the ground floor now… okay… The final blue photograph is just above the doorway, on a window.

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