MADiSON – You Shouldn’t Have Listened (Do Not Listen Tape) Trophy Achievement Guide

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You Shouldn’t Have Listened is another unlockable trophy achievement within MADiSON, this time we are required to find and play the ‘Do Not Listen’ tape.

In order to be able to unlock this one we are going to have to acquire the crowbar, this can be done as we progress with the story. We will first encounter the crowbar after successfully unlocking the red door in the basement and travelling to another reality.

With the crowbar in hand we can then proceed to unlocking this one.

When you have successfully acquired the crowbar we will then be on the hunt for the elusive tape, which is quite well hidden. It is also a secret tape that apparently we are not really meant to listen to but, who cares?

Anyway start by making your way to the upstairs attic. In here, on the floor, there will be a compartment that requires us to use the crowbar in order to open it. Inside we will find the tape we need. ‘If you find this, do not listen’

Despite the warnings of not being allowed to listen to this particular tape, we are going to anyway. So now that we have this creepy tape let us now head to the dining room and kitchen.

In the dining room and kitchen we will find the tape player, insert this new tape and let us listen to it. This will then unlock the You shouldn’t have listened trophy achievement

The tape will feature a recording left by grandma and will relate and mention Blue Knees being real. That she cannot trust anyone and is basically losing her mind.

The full tape dialogue will feature the following;

‘I’m losing my mind’


‘I cannot trust anyone… Not even Albert’

‘If you are listening to this… Blue Knees… is real’

‘Blue Knees?’

‘I know I’m not sick… and I know I don’t have much time left’

‘That fucking thing…’

‘I can feel it breathing… right behind me’

‘Singing that fucking song… Over and over and over and over.. and over in my head’

‘Oh, Blue Knees is behind… And will find… What he has been looking for..’

‘God.. She was really sick’

‘For so long… All alone… Where he belongs..’

‘Blue Knees… Is behind… And will find.. What he has been looking for… all over the kitchen…’

‘Where he’s written this song.. just for you’


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