MADiSON – Elizabeth’s Memoirs (Lost Diary Page) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Elizabeth’s Memoirs is one of the many unlockable trophies and achievements within MADiSON. It requires us to find a lost diary page

In order to find this lost diary page we will have to find and locate both of the Triangular Keys. These keys will then allow us to unlock the door, giving us access to the room in which we need.


In order to find this lost diary page we will have to first locate both of the triangular keys. These keys will then allow us to easily find this page that we need.

The first triangular key is located in the kitchen and dining room area, where it will be inside a cupboard next to the cooker.

Open this cupboard to find this first triangular key.


This next triangular key can be acquired after you have successfully managed to find both the crowbar and wedding ring. We can find both of these items as we continue through the main story.

The crowbar will be available to us after we have unlocked the red door in the basement. Whilst the wedding ring can be found inside Grandma’s room.

Anyway once you are ready we will then need to head to the ritual room, where the second triangular key can then be found on the chair inside the room.


With both of the triangular keys in hand we can then proceed to unlock and open the necessary door, at the end of the ritual room hallway

In here and just next to the stairs is where we can find this lost diary page and collect our Elizabeth’s memoirs trophy achievement


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