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Another puzzle that will need solving as you progress through MADiSON will relate to animals and weights. It can be found and solved whilst in dad’s room.

It will require us to work out which weights connect to which animal and to hang these weights in their correct order. The hint that we get though can be a bit confusing.

In order to unlock dad’s room we will need to find a specific key, which can only be found by unlocking a safe. So we will need to find a combination for this safe first.


In order to find dad’s room key we will need to find the combination to the red coloured safe. We will actually be given this combination after we have successfully completed the clock room puzzle. Where we will then get an update in Luca’s Notebook, this update will be the safe combination.

From there head down the red hallway, which is in the projector room area, and you will come to Grandpa’s Office. The red safe is in here, along with the green safe.

Now we need to use the combination in order to open the red safe, which will also be a small little puzzle for us to solve.

Basically the red lines indicate how many times the dial needs to be turned, whilst the arrows obviously show in which direction to turn the dial. You can check out my other guide on the red safe for more information

Once you have the red safe unlocked and opened we will then get the key to dad’s room.

(Note: The combination to the red safe may be random but the same procedure still applies)


Before we actually take a trip to dad’s room though we need one more much needed item before we can proceed. This item is basically a block. We need this block for the puzzle.

In order to find this block we need to make our way to the bathroom, which is next door to the clock room.

In this bathroom we will be required to make use of the bolt cutters. The bolt cutters can be found after getting the triangular keys and unlocking the door in the ritual room hallway.

Use these bolt cutters on the toilet in order to get the middle-sized concrete block

Okay now we are ready to head to dad’s room.


Okay head to dad’s room, which is the room just before the projector area. Where the statue was. The door to dad’s room should have a family photo on the door. Use the keys we just got from the safe.

Now this room is where we can try and solve the animal weight puzzle. We can get a hint to this by reading the board on the wall, which will state the following message;

‘In Order To Save The Bird

The Rabbit Jumped Into The Air

Leaving All Her Friends Behind

The Snake Below The Rat Remained

While The Shark In The Depths

This Plan Designed’

Now if we look around the room we will notice several hooks, all of which have animals on them. It is important to note this and it is also important to make sure we have all of the concrete blocks.

What we want to do now is place these concrete blocks on the hooks. However, there is an order in which we need to follow. This order is given to us by reading the board on the wall.

Basically we need to place the correct sized concrete blocks in order of animal weights, so the smallest block should be given to the rat, whilst the largest should be given to the shark.

The correct order is as follows;

Rabbit – Clock Weight

Shark – Large Weight

Snake – Medium Weight

Rat – Small Weight

Our last piece of the puzzle involves having to ‘save the bird’. Basically we need to take a photograph of the bird cage. In doing so the bird cage will then open.

That should solve our puzzle and our reward will be a book.


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