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MADiSON has several locked safes for us to try and solve, one of which is a red safe and the other one is a green safe. Both safes are actually connected to the clock room puzzle and both of them can also be found within Grandpa’s Office.

Our reward for unlocking the red safe is the key to dad’s room. In dad’s room we can also find one of the many red photographs, which (when you have them all) will net us with the Red trophy achievement

This will be a brief guide on how you can unlock the red safe.

In order to unlock the red safe we will be required to complete the clock puzzle, up on doing so there will be a new entry into Luca’s Notebook. This new entry will actually be our answer to the red safe combination.

With our new safe combination we can now head to Grandpa’s Office. The office will be down the red hallway, next to the projector room.

Once inside Grandpa’s Office we will be able to locate the red safe. Now in order to read the safe combination from the notebook we will mainly have to take note of the red arrows and lines. This can be rather tricky as these red lines are also in black too, just with a red highlight. So we really do need to pay attention to the new picture.

The red lines indicate how many times the dial needs to be turned, whilst the arrows obviously show in which direction to turn the dial. Sometimes these arrows are also highlighted in red, so if this is the case, you may need to turn the dial one more time to complete the combination.

For example, in the picture above the combination to the safe would be 7 LEFT, 4 RIGHT, 3 LEFT. This is because there are 6 highlighted red lines, then as the arrows have also been highlighted in red you will then need to turn the dial an additional time, making it a 7 LEFT, the same applies to the rest of the combination.

(Note: The combination to the red safe might be random. Some puzzles in MADiSON have differing solutions and combinations to their puzzles)

We can then open the safe and get dad’s room key


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