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As you continue through the world of MADiSON you will inevitably come across the solar medallions. These medallions are part of a puzzle.

There is a total of 3 solar medallions to be found altogether. The puzzle itself can be found and solved whilst in the wash room, just above the sink. Here is where we can insert the collected medallions and position them into the correct order.


This first solar medallion can be found in the basement. Simply head downstairs and past the generator.

In the hallway we will come across a barricade of shelving, the first solar medallion is here.


In order to get this next medallion we will need to head to the attic. Whilst in the attic there will be a key (Heart Key) attached to the bed. Grab the key and head back down. The Heart Key can then be used on the door with a picture of the romantic couple.

This is the room in which we will be needing to insert the medallions. More specifically the wash room connected to the bedroom. In fact if we go there now we will find out that our next medallion is already in position. Which leaves us with one more medallion to find.

Before we leave though be sure to check out the wardrobe, inside there will be a bunch of Loodachrome Film.


This final medallion can be found near the giant white statue. Simply head to the living room with the TV and head into the opposite hallway and the statue will be waiting for us around the corner.

At the white statue head through the door to find a projector. Here insert the Loodachrome film that we picked up earlier.

After flicking through the various pictures proceed to walk towards the screen and it will begin flashing, if you look closely you should see an outline of what looks like a medallion. Take a photo of this.

By taking a picture of the screen we will get a photograph of various planets, this is actually a huge part of our puzzle. This photograph actually represents what order the medallions need to be positioned in.

After taking the photograph proceed to take the final medallion off the wall. That should be all 3 medallions covered so proceed back to the bedroom.

Just before we actually attempt to return to the bedroom, we might as well head down the rather red nearby hallway and open the door to Grandpa’s Office. In Grandpa’s Office we can collect a portrait that we will need later. (Though it isn’t actually relevant for this particular guide, you will be needing it for story purposes. It is used during the attic pictures puzzle)

Back at the bedroom go ahead and insert the medallions into their correct locations, as shown in the photograph that we now have.

Once you have the medallions in their correct locations we can then get out the hammer and destroy the barricaded doorway. This will lead to yet another picture portrait and the locket.


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